Pergola Inspiration for Different Types of Homes & Gardens

pergola inspiration

The secret is out — pergolas are the single hottest outdoor living accessory of the year and look to be even BIGGER next year! Almost every house and outdoor space can benefit from the style and elegance that a pergola brings. Check out some pergola inspiration to see how our pieces enhance a wide variety of homes, gardens, and more.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’ve been crafting high-quality vinyl pergola kits for more than a decade. We’ve seen how they have completed all different types of homes and outdoor spaces. Keep reading for more pergola inspiration — or start shopping right now!

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Pergola Designs for Homes and Outdoor Spaces

If you’ve been imagining bringing a pergola to your house, the time is now. If you’re worried that your house just isn’t right for a pergola — it is! Explore pergola designs for homes of every type and find one you like:

Rancher Homes pergola designs for homes

The elegant style of a pergola can look absolutely fantastic with a rancher home. By placing a pergola above a defined outdoor space like a deck or porch, you can create a true outdoor living room. Plus, make sure to pay attention to the gorgeous color combination of the tan siding and the elegant white pergola.

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Two-Story Suburban Homes pergola inspiration for suburban homes

One of the most common homes across the country also happens to be one of the most popular placements for our pergolas. Pergola designs for suburban homes often incorporate using them as attached fixtures above a deck — and they can be either ground level or elevated.

Classic Stone Houses pergola designs for classic stone houses

Proving that pergola designs for homes know no limits, this project is one of our favorites. The traditional building material of stone meets the hottest outdoor living accessory, and the results are extraordinary. Here, a very modern pergola was used to enhance the patio beneath a classic stone house.

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Luxury Deck pergola inspiration for luxury deck

This luxury deck needed an x-factor to pull the space together, and one of our elegant pergolas was the homeowner’s choice. Pergolas have the reputation for bringing an ambience of the upscale to spaces, and that was the plan for this large luxury deck.

Mid-Yard Retreat pergola designs for mid-yard retreat

This piece of pergola inspiration focuses on the garden rather than the home. See how this beautiful tan pergola is the centerpiece of this mid-yard sitting area. Whether you have a built-in outdoor space or not, almost any home or garden can benefit from the placement of a gorgeous pergola.

Feeling inspired by these pergola designs for homes? You can bring home any of these kits today. However, if you want to custom build something all your own as well, we’re more than happy to accommodate you. The purpose of all this pergola inspiration is to prove that any house and any yard gets better with a pergola!

The Garbrella Quality Difference

While it is great that the one-of-a-kind pergola style is getting noticed, there is a downside as well. Unfortunately, since more and more homeowners want pergolas, there are more and more companies making them — and they aren’t all up to the same quality standard.

In many cases, the pergolas you’ll see in big box retail chains and hardware stores aren’t well-built, durable, or maintenance-free. That can lead to the pergola falling apart in high winds or simply rotting and failing apart. However, a weatherproof pergola from Garbrella will never need maintenance other than washing and will last a lifetime in the elements.

The difference comes down to the materials and the quality of the craftsmanship. At Garbrella, our pergola kits are built one-at-a-time by Amish craftsmen in the USA from high-quality vinyl. However, cheaper pergolas are often built overseas in huge factories hundreds at a time.

Comparing craftsmen vs big box store pergolas.

Contact Us for More Pergola Inspiration and Custom Quotes

Did one of our pergola designs for homes remind you of your own home? Fantastic — we’d love to build it for you. However, if you prefer an entirely custom piece, we are more than happy to work with you to make that happen. The next step is reaching out to discuss your personal pergola inspiration, your home style, and your budget. We’ll be able to give you a custom quote and all of the information you need.

Reach out today to get more information or to place your order!

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