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The ability to accentuate your house with a pergola can make the difference of having a nice backyard or having a gorgeous backyard! Buying a pergola kit is only a start to setting you apart from your neighbors, but don’t stop there. Beginning with various post sizes and heights to ceiling fans and accent lighting, we are here to best suit your needs.

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Consider our 4 color options [white, almond, khaki and wood grain texture], and maybe a darker color will best match your house or yard. Maybe you would like double rafters or a different style shade slat, no problem, customizable spacing with different shade options including EZ Shade Canopies are available. Our unique ability of bending rails for your pergola to match a rounded or curved patio may be the dream that you are waiting for. Building A-Frame pergolas or cutting crazy angles might also be the perfect option to beautify your backyard.

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