Contemporary Pergola Ideas for Your Deck, Patio, or Garden

Contemporary pergola kit over small outdoor kitchen

Imagine your outdoor living space transformed into a stylish sanctuary with an elegant pergola that not only looks aesthetically appealing but also provides much-needed shade.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re not just about building pretty structures; we’re about crafting experiences and aesthetics that last a lifetime!

Located in the heart of the Amish Country of Lancaster, PA, we’re bringing contemporary pergola ideas for all types of outdoor spaces, including decks, patios, and gardens. The contemporary pergola kits and designs below embrace cutting-edge trends to offer you a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship to copy for your own backyard.

Are you curious to discover how our modern pergolas for sale can redefine your outdoor space? Read on to learn more!


Contemporary Pergola Kits to Buy Online

Are you searching for contemporary pergola ideas to upgrade your outdoor areas? Navigating the extensive world of upscale vinyl pergola kits can be overwhelming.

Drawing from our wide collection, we’ve compiled a few of the highest-quality, most beautiful, low-maintenance options, all from Garbrella Pergolas!

Contemporary Pergola Kit Made of Vinyl for Patio
  • Medium Attached Tuscany Pergola – Add some wow factor to your patio or deck with the Medium Attached Tuscany Pergola. The classic design is reminiscent of a graceful Italian villa, offering both shade and architectural charm. The superior materials can withstand adverse weather, making this contemporary pergola kit suitable for all types of homes, including beachfront properties.
  • Small Free-Standing Garden Spot Pergola -The Small Free-Standing Garden Pergola is a space-saving solution for those who want a shady corner for intimate outdoor gatherings or a quiet and comfortable spot for reflection. This modern pergola for sale has a refined design and sturdy construction, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality, perfect for gardens and cozy patios.
  • Free Standing Tuscany Pergola – Among our most popular modern pergolas is the Free Standing Tuscany Pergola. This stunning structure will add a touch of elegance to any backyard or patio space. With its robust construction and classic design, it’s both a stylish statement and the perfect spot for relaxation or entertainment.
  • Custom Pergola– Tired of searching for contemporary pergola designs that don’t quite fit your needs? We can tailor your pergola to your exact specifications! From size to shape, color, and style, we can customize a pergola that suits your outdoor space to a tee. Simply give us your details, and we’ll get to work designing a high-quality vinyl pergola for you from scratch!


Contemporary Pergola Design Ideas

There’s a world of creativity waiting to be explored with our innovative pergolas! From integrating with nature to creating spaces that provide fun for the whole family and friends, these shade structures offer endless possibilities. These are just a few innovative ways to elevate your backyard, deck, patio, or garden with contemporary pergola ideas:

A Modern Outdoor Kitchen 
Patio Pergola idea for a modern design

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Gold Canyon, AZ, this outdoor kitchen is graced by a Free Standing Garden Spot pergola in khaki. This project proves that even a small contemporary pergola idea can transform a simple cookout spot into an outdoor dining oasis. This is where nature meets culinary luxury, elevating the average al fresco experience to one fit for a modern chef.


Outdoor Dining 
Pergola Designed for Outdoor Dining Room on Deck

When you have your food prepared, you need somewhere beautiful to eat it. A modern pergola for sale creates just such a space where you can enjoy your meal in a comfortable and visually appealing setting. Transform any meal into a memorable occasion by offering an al fresco dining area that provides both comfort and style! See more outdoor dining area ideas here.


Gorgeous Garden Accent  
Garden design ideas for contemporary pergolas

The Voorhees Township pergola proves how the right contemporary pergola idea can make any garden shine. The Free Standing Tuscany Pergola provides shade and a central gathering spot. The graceful touches, like plants winding around its beams, turn a regular garden into a standout outdoor space!

The Focal Point[ 
Contemporary pergola idea for modern backyards

Imagine a modern pergola anchoring your outdoor space, instantly elevating a simple seating area. With a Garbrella Pergola on your deck, patio, or yard, you not only get shade but also an eye-catching centerpiece that draws attention and invites relaxation.

Parking & Garage Feature   
Contemporary ideas for parking your car under a pergola

Believe it or not, the next big thing in pergolas is in carports and garages. Integrating a contemporary pergola design with your carport or alongside your garage is a fresh twist that fuses function with modern style. Stay ahead of the trends and embrace this innovative approach to outdoor design.


Explore Modern Pergolas for Sale Now

Looking to elevate your outdoor space with a contemporary pergola design? Look no further than Garbrella Pergolas. We pride ourselves on delivering modern pergolas for sale that perfectly merge quality Amish craftsmanship with beautiful design. And good news for those living afar – we ship all across the nation!

Every backyard deserves a touch of Garbrella, and with our customization options, you can ensure yours fits just right. From elaborately contemporary pergola kits to the simple DIY options, we have something for everyone.

Browse our collection for contemporary pergola ideas and let us help bring your vision to life!

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