Where to Buy Pergolas: Craftsmen or Big Box Stores

where to buy pergolas

Pergolas are becoming one of the hottest backyard accessories across the country. It’s not hard to see why — their distinct style enhances almost any outdoor living space. The new popularity of pergolas means that you can shop for pergolas in more places than ever before. This can leave homeowners wondering where to buy pergolas: at a big box hardware store or from a specialized craftsman.

At Garbrella, custom vinyl pergolas have been our signature pieces since we began as a company. While we are the definition of a craftsmen-style pergola kit builder, we understand there are some benefits to buying at a big box store — it all depends on your budget and what you need. We’re breaking down where to buy pergolas and the pros and cons that go along with each option.

Buying a Pergola at a Big Box Store

buying a pergola at a big box store

These stores sell EVERYTHING for your outdoor space, so it’s natural they would hop on the trend and start selling pergolas, too. Whether their pergola kits are stacked next to bundles of cat food or lawn equipment, here’s what you get when you buy pergolas at chain stores:

  • Can Take it Home the Same Day — If you can fit the box in your car, you can take it home the same day. This convenience is one of the main reasons to shop at a big box store.
  • Cheaper Price Tag (Upfront) — A pergola built a-thousand-at-a-time in a factory will be less expensive than one built by hand in a workshop. That means the pergola you buy at a big box store will be a bit cheaper — but it isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison. Cheap pergolas tend not to last as long, and they often require replacement multiple times.
  • Less Durable Materials — All Garbrella pergolas are built out of gorgeous and long lasting vinyl. Cheaper mass-produced pergolas are built out of metal or wood, which have a totally different style and don’t last as long.
  • Shorter Lifespan — Since you don’t get the advantage of the hand construction or the weather-proof vinyl durability, hardware store pergolas have a far shorter lifespan. Whether the wood rots, the metal rusts, or the structure falls apart, you will probably have to replace your hardware store pergola a few times.
  • Less Sizes and Options — What they have on the shelves is what you get. Since these pergolas are mass-produced to the most popular specifications, you can’t ask for something custom. This can be a real problem, especially if you buy a pergola that doesn’t fit your yard or your deck — size-wise or style-wise.

Learn more about the most common pergola sizes.

Buying a Pergola from an Amish Craftsman

buying a pergola from an Amish craftsman

At Garbrella, every single vinyl pergola we create is hand built by one of our Amish craftsmen. Not only does this allow for the highest quality construction, but there are also limitless custom options. Here’s the experience of buying from a pergola craftsmen:

  • Lasts a Lifetime — Built with a durable aluminum insert wrapped in weatherproof vinyl, our pergolas are structurally strong and 100% resistant to the weather. With some basic pergola maintenance, you can expect your piece to last a lifetime.
  • Gorgeous Vinyl Style — We don’t just build with vinyl because it’s practical — it’s also gorgeous. The clean vinyl style is the most in-demand look for building a luxury backyard space.
  • Total Customization — From the intricate details in the lattice to the perfect size, every aspect of your pergola can be customized. Not only does this allow you to match the look to the rest of your backyard décor, but you also ensure it is the ideal fit for your space. Each of our vinyl pergolas are built to order, so whatever you need, you get.
  • Costs More Upfront — Anything built by craftsmen — and not by machines — out of premium materials will be more expensive. In our mind, the extra expense is worth it for never having to replace the pergola, but it may take longer to save for the perfect pergola for your backyard.
  • Pay for Shipping — If you live near our Lancaster, PA workshop and showroom, we’d love to have you stop by and pick up your pergola kit. However, if you live elsewhere, you’ll have to pay for shipping to get the pergola to your home. Personally, for a lifetime of gorgeous style, we think it’s worth it!

Request Your Garbrella Sample Kit

One of the best ways to discover what makes our pergolas so amazing? Feel the difference! We often ship interested homeowners our pergola sample kits which showcase our superior vinyl material and the different styles we can build.

We’d love to send you a 100% free pergola sample kit to show you why an Amish-built pergola is worth it. Contact us today to request your sample kit.

Where to Buy Pergolas: Online, from Garbrella

While we’re dedicated to old-fashioned quality, we love the 21st century convenience of shopping online as much as anyone else. That’s why we sell all of our pergolas online — and ship nationwide. If you’re wondering where to buy pergolas, your answer is right here — so start shopping!

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