6 Backyard Transformation Ideas

backyard transformation

Year after year, summer after summer, your backyard has stayed exactly the same — and this year, you want to do something about it. Total backyard transformation can be achieved in almost any yard — all it takes is the right idea, some hard work, and the willingness to make BIG changes!

At Garbrella, we’re a luxury outdoor living company that crafts deluxe pergolas, railings, arbors, and other outdoor decorations that fit into an outdoor makeover. These backyard transformation ideas aren’t little updates, but ideas that make for real, dramatic changes. Keep reading to find your new backyard inspiration — and to shop for the best products to bring your project to life!

How to Design a New Backyard Like a Pro

Your goal is a whole new yard — not just swapping out a few pieces of decor and calling it a day. When you’re wondering how to design a new backyard, you want to put your focus on creating new usable spaces — or completely changing the style of something key.

Dig into our 6 deck transformation options:

1. Add a Pergola to Your Deck or Patio how to design a new backyard

At Garbrella, pergolas are our signature item, so it’s only natural we’ve put them in focus, front and center. By adding a pergola to your porch or deck, you add a whole new vertical dimension to the design, while tying the whole space together. Adding a pergola to a simple deck with a grill and table transforms it into an outdoor dining room. We’ve seen it work for our customers countless times: by building a pergola, you make an ordinary space look downright exceptional.

Shop Our Pergola Kits 2. Replace Your Deck Boards designing a new backyard with composite deck boards

Do you have a wooden deck? Is the paint chipping and the wood splintering? That’s all too common, and these little details undermine the otherwise beautiful space. While repainting the deck might count as a small upgrade, replacing the boards entirely can be a total backyard transformation. When you upgrade to composite or PVC deck boards, you’ll enjoy the no-maintenance benefits — as well as a completely new eye-catching style for your deck!

Want a good price on new deluxe deck boards? Check out the luxury decking our sister-company GreenWay has to offer!

3. Upgrade to Dramatic New Deck Railings backyard transformation with new deck railings

If your deck looks drab but new boards aren’t right for you yet, consider upgrading to a brand new railing system. Replacing ragged, old wooden rails with sleek vinyl or aluminum options can create the appearance that you have a whole new deck. Plus, since the railing system itself is vertical and prominent, it can prove to be more eye-catching for almost anyone not sitting on the deck. As an added bonus, your new deck railings can even come embedded with LED lights, meant to create a pleasant glow at night!

Shop Our Railings 4. Create an Outdoor Seating Area how to design a new backyard seating area

Right now when you look out over your yard, you just see empty grass. If you’re ready to do something big, build a brand new seating area. This will become the go-to place you and your guests will relax in your yard. Start by adding a permanent base like pavers or stones, and then accessorize around that with mulch or landscaping. You’ll want to complete the space with outdoor furniture or shade options!

Once again, a pergola is the perfect addition — see some of our pergola designs for maximum shade.

5. Start Planting how to design a new backyard with plants

Landscaping is a powerful thing — it can be a supporting accent or the star of your backyard décor. If you want to know how to design a new backyard with plants, you’re going to want to put your garden on full display. For the maximum impact, we recommend starting with an open section of lawn that gets good sunlight. From there you’ll want to choose what you plant — either a beautiful flower garden or your own organic vegetable patch. Either flowers or veggies can have an elegant look if paired with elegant white vinyl hotbeds and cold frames.

Trust GreenWay for durable yet beautiful hotbeds and cold frames.

6. Upgrade Your Poolside Decor backyard transformation by pool

If you’re wondering how to design a new backyard and you’re lucky enough to have an in-ground pool, you can start there. A gorgeous pool can be the centerpiece of your backyard transformation. Consider ways that you can make the pool more than just a place to swim, but also a social space to sit around. Accent your pool with an arbor or a pergola to amplify the luxury feel of a true outdoor oasis!

See some of our all-time favorite pool pergola ideas.

Trust Garbrella for Quality

When you buy anything from Garbrella or our sister-company GreenWay, you can count on unparalleled quality and ultra-low maintenance ownership. Our pergolas, arbors, and railings are hand-built by Amish craftsmen at our Lancaster, PA workshop — you won’t find any cut corners or shoddy workmanship like you might from a big box hardware store.

In addition, we offer vinyl and aluminum products because you deserve to be enjoying your backyard transformation, not working to constantly maintain it. As is the case with our pergolas, railings, and deck boards, we sell ultra-low maintenance products that won’t require repainting or re-staining to look their best!

Bring Your Backyard Transformation to Life

If you’re ready to bring your backyard transformation to life, we’re here to help. We make all of our outdoor living products available to purchase 100% online. In addition, we also offer nationwide shipping — in fact, we’ve even shipped a pergola all the way to Hawaii!

However, if you still have questions about how to design a new backyard or about picking your new pergola, our designers can walk you through it. Reach out today to get started building your dream-come-true yard!

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