Who We Are

Who We Are

Custom Pergola Experts

white vinyl pergola over the front porch area of home

What Sets Our Pergola Team Apart?

  • We create vinyl pergolas that are cleaner looking, stronger, and long-lasting than most of our competitors
  • We use premium-grade, heavy-wall, virgin vinyl to construct all our pergolas.
  • We only use stainless steel or galvanized screws and brackets where needed.
  • We ensure that all parts and pieces are assembled and manufactured in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
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Our Company History

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After being in the residential fence business since 2006, Albert Yoder, along with his brother Ray Yoder, saw the need and opportunity to bring quality, maintenance-free pergolas to the market. The brothers, along with their employees, have built countless pergolas (as you can see by our showcase gallery) but have never been quite satisfied with the limited selection and sometimes hard-to-assemble pergola kits that were available to buy. After several years of extensive research and development, Ray and Albert decided to start their own company, and they have now designed a modern, low-maintenance, yet easy-to-assemble pergola kit.

Garbrella’s goal is to bring the strongest, longest-lasting, simplest-to-assemble pergola kit to the market. Garbrella is privileged to be based in Lancaster Pennsylvania, an area known for its skilled craftsmen and first in class engineering and development. Garbrella has tapped into many of these local resources, allowing us to not only use quality parts but also parts made in the USA!

Everyone enjoys the beauty of God’s beautiful creation, yet because of warm temperatures, it may become uncomfortable to sit outside. Traveling for family vacations to another state is becoming more expensive and sometimes is not even affordable. Our goal for this company is to provide our customers with pergolas for aesthetic decorations, swimming pools, a backyard B-B-Q, a town park, your deck, and many other purposes. A summer family staycation is a great way to spend the weekend without having to take off from work and draining your wallet. Invite your neighbors for an evening B-B-Q, and you will have the luxury of many memories of your friends and family.

Mission Statement:

In every word and action we want God’s name to be honored. We want to provide a local service that benefits our community and employees. Our decisions are based on Godly values of integrity and honesty.

Vision Statement:

Our goal as a company is to provide products for a backyard haven to host a family get-together or maybe just a cool relaxation spot after a stressful day at work. We are dedicated to providing superior service with our quality products.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“Garbrella gets my highest recommendations. I worked closely with Ray Yoder to design, order and ship a 16′ x 7′ custom pergola for our home in Ohio. It took my carpenter and I about 2-1/2 days to assemble it. We were both impressed with the quality of the components and the way it went together. It’s very clear that a lot of professional thought and experience went into this product by Garbrella. Nice job Ray and Team Garbrella.” – Tim Goligoski

“My wife and I absolutely love our pergola it works awesome and went together very well (other than I don’t read instructions well). As much as I love my pergola the service after the sale has been amazing which in my eyes is just as important if not more important. Did I mention I don’t read instructions very well, I put to many screws in the slats for the top so I ran out 1/2 way through, I called and they sent me more…..free….who does that??? I also screwed up one of the trim pieces and guess what they sent me one of those as well. The only thing they said was they wanted a completed pergola that we would be happy with and believe we are. Thank you for all of your support and patience with me.” – Chris Holley