Pergola Benefits that Homeowners Love

pergola benefits

If you’re anything like us, you love pergolas. Whether you’re watching HGTV or taking a drive, chances are when you see one, you perk up a little. While you know you adore the style, there’s even more to love than just the look — there are a whole range of pergola benefits that you’ll come to enjoy.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re dedicated to building luxury pergola kits and shipping them to homeowners all across the country. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the advantages of pergolas that you might not know about yet. Keep reading to discover the 5 main pergola benefits — or start shopping for your dream outdoor pergola right now!

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Key Advantages of a Pergola

Attached and free-standing pergolas are quickly becoming the in-demand outdoor accessory. The more people learn about them, the more they love about them. These are the 5 advantages of pergolas — beyond their stylish look — that you’ll come to appreciate:

Defines Your Space advantages of a pergola

There’s no question that pergolas are beautiful and add a true sense of elegance to almost any deck, yardscape, or patio. But that’s not the only reason that they are so often included in outdoor living spaces. From an exterior design perspective, pergolas give definition to spaces to make them feel unified and intentional. For example, pairing a pergola with a table and some patio furniture creates the feeling of an intentional outdoor seating area.

Serves as a Source of Shade pergola benefits with sun shade

While catching some sun is certainly one of the goals of having an outdoor living space, you need to balance it with a break in the shade. This is one of the most practical pergola benefits you can count on. When equipped with a sun shade, a pergola provides impeccable sun coverage, built-in with the elegant pergola structure you love.

See some of our pergola designs for maximum shade.

Stand Out from Your Neighbors advantages of a pergola on deck

This is an advantage of a pergola you might not have thought about before. In many suburban neighborhoods, most houses look similar — beautiful, but similar. Add a pergola to your deck or yard and you’ll immediately stand out from all of your neighbors. You can expect to get quite a few compliments and questions about your eye-catching outdoor accessory.

Boost Your Property Value pergola benefits for home value

This is an advantage of pergolas that everyone can get behind. If a pergola holds an appeal for you, chances are good it holds an appeal for others, too. So, while you might not be planning to sell your home anytime soon, it’s nice to know if you buy a pergola you’re investing in your property. On average, we estimate that a pergola adds about 50% to 80% of what you paid for it to your property value. Plus, until you do sell your house (if you ever do), you’ll be able to enjoy it every day.

Lasts for A Long Time advantages of a poolside pergola

Anything you buy to decorate your outdoor space spends day-after-day out in the elements. Think about it — the once-vibrant color on your lawn furniture will start to fade and your wooden fence will start to grow mold. However, a high-quality vinyl pergola will look remarkably good even after decades of use. That’s because high-quality vinyl 100% resists mold and rot — and the vinyl surface is designed to keep its color even in the direct sun.

Discover just how long you can expect a pergola to last.

The Garbrella Difference

Like we just mentioned, one of the main pergola benefits is that a high-quality vinyl pergola will last you decades. However, you have to know what you’re looking for. As pergolas have become more popular, more companies have begun manufacturing them, just not to the same standard of quality. That means that a pergola you buy from a dedicated pergola builder will provide more of those benefits than a mass-produced pergola sold in a big box store. A hand-built vinyl pergola will last FAR longer, be sturdier, have custom options, and won’t require repainting or re-staining!

We break down the difference between a pergola craftsman vs a big box store.

Bring the Pergola Benefits Home — Shop Now

If you’re done admiring pergolas from afar and are ready for your own, we’d love to help. Whether you are entranced by their style or you want to enjoy all of these pergolas benefits, you are going to love owning your own. You can order online and have your pergola shipped directly to your home — or you can reach out to discuss your custom pergola with one of our experienced outdoor designers.

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