Free-Standing Pergola Kits

Free-Standing Garden Pergolas

At Garbrella Pergolas, we are proud to offer two gorgeous styles of free-standing pergola kits: the Tuscany pergola and the Garden Spot pergola. Each style is available in several stunning color, size, and surface options. Take a look at both pergola models and ship your favorite right to your door!

When it comes to free-standing pergola kits, Garbrella Pergolas delivers. With two beautiful models, the Tuscany and the Garden Spot pergola, your personal style can shine through with the custom garden pergolas we provide. Start with a base model and build your way up with custom vinyl pergola kit options.

See our popular garden pergola models below and start shopping:

Tuscany Garden Pergola

For the person who is looking for a luxury, higher-end free-standing vinyl pergola kit, the Tuscany pergola is the ultimate choice. These top-of-the-line garden pergolas are built with double 2″x 8″ beams, 2″x 6″ rafters, and 7/8″x 3″ shade slats spaced 6″ on center. The Tuscany pergola is the strongest in the industry and comes in five different styles of posts and four colors (including the all new wood grain texture).

Shop all custom options by selecting an option below:

Garden Spot Pergola

The Garden Spot pergola is sturdy, durable, long lasting, and sleek. What makes this free-standing pergolas so unique from the Tuscany pergola model is that they are built with single 2″x 8″ beams, 2″x 6″ rafters, and 7/8″x 3″ shade slats spaced 6″ on the center.

The Garden Spot pergola is the solution for the homeowner who wants an expensive looking finish, without paying the expensive price tag. Take a look at our great garden pergola options below:

Benefits of a Free-Standing Pergola

A free-standing garden pergola kit can be a stylish addition to any property! Unlike attached pergolas that are mounted to the side of another structure, free-standing pergolas are mounted to the ground giving you the freedom to install anywhere – literally, anywhere! These independent structures can create a distinguished shaded sitting area, garden area, or deck feature.

freestanding white pergola placed on two story deck attached to home

Detached Pergolas: Adding Elegance Anywhere

The perfect addition to any yard, deck, terrace, pool, or walkway is now more accessible and affordable than ever. With a detached pergola, you can install it anywhere and everywhere you deem fit! Each free-standing garden pergola style has a variety of options available. From size and color, to post type and shade options, you can design a trendy detached pergola that fits your style!

Perhaps one of the best things about our garden pergola kits for sale is the unbeatable product warranty behind them. Because we believe so boldly in what we’ve designed, all Garbrella Pergolas are backed with a lifetime warranty against yellowing, blistering or peeling. They are designed to withstand high wind forces without breaking and can be used confidently on beach front properties.

Garden Pergola Kits: Now Shipping Nationwide!

We are excited to announce that Garbrella Pergolas now ships nationwide – all for a low price! Design a free-standing pergola kit that fits your style. Spend more time outside and enjoy the shade and beauty of your new detached pergola. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us to customize a unique pergola for you!