Why Weatherproof Pergolas are a Must-Buy

weatherproof pergolas

For many of the homeowners we talk to, their pergola is the centerpiece of their entire backyard. Whether it’s in the middle of the lawn or attached to their deck, they enjoy sitting underneath it and they appreciate getting compliments on it. You never want to lose that — that’s why we always say weatherproof pergolas are a must-buy if you’re checking out all your options.

At Garbrella, we’re a dedicated pergola builder that crafts custom vinyl pergola kits and ships them nationwide. (Even to Hawaii!) All of our pergolas are 100% weatherproof and because of that, they are also ultra-low-maintenance. However, not all pergolas have this advantage. We’ve seen cheaper, non-weatherproof pergolas need extreme maintenance and fall apart after just a few seasons in the elements. Keep reading to find out how our pergolas are able to stand up to the elements while remaining truly low-maintenance — or start shopping right now!

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What Makes for a Truly Low-Maintenance Pergola?

low-maintenance pergola

Since all of our vinyl pergola kits are sheathed in a weatherproof PVC barrier, every Garbrella pergola is a true low-maintenance pergola. This means you’ll be able to get decades of enjoyment from your new backyard structure without having to invest hours into re-painting, re-staining, or repairing it!

Here’s what gives our pieces their extremely long lifespans and makes them truly low-maintenance:


Vinyl Construction

The most common materials pergolas are made from are metal, wood, and vinyl. Of those three, only vinyl makes for legitimately weatherproof pergolas. When left outside for long periods of time, metal begins to rust — requiring aggressive anti-rust treatments to keep your pergola from falling apart. On the other hand, wooden pergolas are susceptible to rot and mold, meaning you need to always keep them coated with a fresh application of paint or stain. Vinyl, however, stays strong for decades without needing any major work.

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No Exposed Fasteners

Since weather-resistant vinyl is responsible for the ultra-long lifespan and low-maintenance advantages, it only makes sense that you want that vinyl protection everywhere. That means any truly low-maintenance pergola will ensure that all of the fasteners are as hidden as possible. The last thing you want is a piece of metal that is crucial to holding the pergola together completely exposed to the elements.


Keeps Its Color without Paint or Stain

Once again, this advantage comes back to vinyl. Think about it: the distinct hue you choose for your structure will be beautiful — make sure it stays that way. The surface color of other pergola materials (primarily wood) will quickly deteriorate in the sun and the paint will chip off. That means re-painting your pergola to protect the color you picked will become a yearly chore for you. Not only will you never have to paint one of our weatherproof pergolas, but our vinyl was even created to be resistant to fading even after decades in the sun.

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Another hallmark of low-maintenance pergolas is that they are extremely easy to clean. While mold or mildew growing on the outside of a wooden structure is a sign you need serious maintenance, for one of our vinyl pergolas, it’s simple spring cleaning. Removing dirt or growth from a vinyl pergola is as easy as using dish soap and a garden hose.

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The Garbrella Quality Difference

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One of the key factors that ensures you wind up with a pergola you enjoy using and admiring the look of for decades is where you buy it. Since pergolas are a more popular outdoor accessory than ever before, they’re sold in lots of different ways — including big box stores and hardware chains.

However, those pergolas just don’t have the same potential to be a long-standing fixture of your outdoor décor. Firstly, they are practically never built with the weatherproof vinyl that makes owning them a breeze. Second, when you shop there, you don’t have the same potential to custom design a pergola with a custom size, style, and color. Finally, the construction quality just doesn’t match what our dedicated pergola builders can offer — our pergolas are handcrafted just for you, while hardware store pergolas are built hundreds-at-a-time on crowded assembly lines. All in all, the price tag of a big box store pergola might look great up front, but you’ll only get a few years out of it.

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Start Shopping for Your Weatherproof Pergola

Every beautiful pergola you see in one of our pictures, and every piece we’ve ever crafted, qualifies as a weatherproof pergola. That means when you work with Garbrella, you can count on having a truly gorgeous structure you’ll enjoy for decades — and that you’ll never need to worry about other than the occasional spring cleaning.

If you’re ready to bring home a dream-come-true pergola, we’d love to help. You can start shopping right now — or reach out to have a conversation about your custom pergola!

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