Elegant Pergolas to Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

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If you dream of building a backyard worthy of Pinterest, a magazine, or HGTV, you’re in the right place. Elegant pergolas are a popular final touch for your precisely-put-together outdoor décor. However, not all pergolas have the ornate style and long-lasting quality to accomplish that. Customers often tell us that they are looking for a fancy pergola that transforms their yard and lasts forever — and that’s exactly what we build.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft and ship custom luxury vinyl pergola kits all across the United States, from New York to Hawaii. The elegant pergolas we build are meant to look beautiful, perfectly match your outdoor style, and last a lifetime. Discover more about the key traits of a quality pergola — or start shopping right now!

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What to Look for in Fancy Pergolas

fancy pergolas

Since pergolas have become one of the leading outdoor accessories, it’s common to see them sold in more places than ever before. We’ve seen them sold everywhere from big box stores, to hardware chains, and even on Amazon. This can make finding the right one a bit of a challenge. These are the key traits that make fancy pergolas and quality pergolas stand out from the competition:


Quality, Up Close

When you examine a Garbrella pergola up close, you see the quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece. You won’t be distracted by dings, scrapes, or imperfections — all you’ll see is the smooth vinyl exterior. The quality of any fancy pergola needs to stand-up under close scrutiny.


Ornate Style Options

An elegant pergola should have a beautiful decorative style. Our pergolas are available with ornamental wings off the lattice that gives them a distinctly upscale look. To add to the look of a fancy pergola, we recommend choosing classical circular columns.


The Ability to Match a Design

When you’re bringing a pergola to your backyard to accent another area, it’s important that the styles will match. This is often seen when a pergola is used to accent an in-ground pool or an outdoor dining station. You can match your outdoor style by adjusting the color, the size, and the position of your Garbrella pergola to enhance a central space.

Learn more about pergola color combos.


Ample Custom Touches

Your new outdoor structure should meet your needs to make your space more usable when entertaining or enjoying some quite respite. We offer plenty of custom touches for this, including shade covers and built-in lighting.


Vinyl Construction

Ultimately, when someone is thinking of an elegant pergola, chances are they’re imagining clean, smooth vinyl. While pergolas are made from countless materials, vinyl is truly the signature material for upscale pergolas.


Maintenance-Free Quality & Long Lifespan

These are the practical elements of what makes for high-quality, fancy pergolas. We encourage you to settle for nothing less than a truly low-maintenance pergola — which will never require being re-stained or re-painted. In addition, a Garbrella pergola lasts for decades, while looking just as good as the day you bought it.

The Garbrella Quality Difference

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The reason we’re able to offer gorgeous-looking, elegant pergolas that last a lifetime is because our construction process is different from the ground up. Every Garbrella pergola is made-to-order and built one-at-a-time by experienced craftsmen. This is why custom details are a breeze and the up-close quality on every piece is impeccable.

Contrast our method to the way most big box store pergolas are built. Instead of being crafted by a skilled tradesman one-at-a-time, they are assembled thousands-at-a-time in huge factories. That’s why the quality can often leave something to be desired.

Learn more about our Amish pergolas vs. hardware store pergolas.

Order Your Brand New Elegant Pergola Today

An elegant pergola might just be the missing piece of your backyard design — the style x-factor you’ve been waiting for all this time. We’d love to be the team that delivers the final piece. Whether you want to shop 100% online or you’d like to discuss your ideas with one of our backyard designers, we’re here to help. The first step is a conversation with our team to discuss your outdoor style, your pergola wish list, and your budget.

Reach out today to start the conversation with our team!

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