Style Profile: White Pergolas

White pergola covering outdoor seating area

Among all of the must-see backyard accessories and outdoor trends of the last decade, few are as striking as the white vinyl pergola. White pergolas have become a fixture in backyards and on decks and patios, providing a gorgeous visual flair and solid sun protection. Explore 4 different yet equally amazing designs that put this style front and center!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we build and sell vinyl pergola kits that homeowners all over the United States have loved. Our easy to build DIY pergolas are the finishing touch on a wide variety of different spaces. As part of this style profile, we’re highlighting how white pergolas have transformed various spaces with their signature elegance!

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4 White Outdoor Pergolas

From HGTV to Pinterest and even in your neighbor’s backyard, the white outdoor pergola is everywhere. While there are other colors to choose from, white is by far the most popular and the one that most people associate with pergolas. Explore 4 outdoor spaces completed with these beautiful pergolas:


White pergola with brown deck outdoor

1. Outdoor Dining Pergola

An all-around stunning project, this homeowner created an outdoor dining space that they’ll love every time it’s warm enough to eat outside! Every detail, from the attractive outdoor furniture, to the luxury decking, to the black and white railing, come together for a beautiful design. The white pergola perched above the dining table – and attached to the railing – is an eye-catching finishing touch! Not only does the white vinyl of the pergola match the railing, but it also connects beautifully with the white trim of the windows and doors.



Large white pergola for backyard 2 story deck

2. White Pergola for an Elevated Deck

This home features a truly sprawling elevated sundeck. Running along the entire back of the house, this deck is great for socializing, entertaining, and unwinding. As amazing as this elevated deck is on its own, adding an attached white outdoor pergola brings an extra dimension to a stacked space. Practically speaking, the pergola adds a shady section for those wanting to take some respite from the sun’s rays. And from a style standpoint, the tall pergola adds a vertical dimension that breaks up the repetitive design of a long, flat deck.



Patio and seating area shaded by white attached outdoor pergola

3. Covered Patio Pergola

While the first two spaces are large and ambitious, this design is far more cozy – yet equally beautiful. This homeowner covered a small patio with a white outdoor pergola to take it to the next level. By adding a pergola to the patio, it makes the entire space feel like a more formal and intentional space. Plus, by opting for the added sunshade, this pergola provides exceptionally effective shade while still maintaining the sleek pergola design.



Poolside white pergola with outdoor kitchen

4. Poolside Pergola

A precisely placed pergola is a popular way to make a gorgeous inground pool feel like a backyard resort. Placed above the outdoor kitchen and bar, this pergola pulls all of the interesting elements of the space together into a fully realized design. Pools and pergolas simply go hand-in-hand when designing inspired backyard venues perfect for entertaining!


Explore Ample Options with Garbrella

At Garbrella, we’re dedicated to empowering homeowners. Our DIY pergolas are easy-to-install and come with clear, simple instructions that allow almost anyone to build one themselves. While you could always hire a contractor to build it, the vast majority of homeowners find it natural enough to build on their own with tools they already have. Not only is the construction intuitive, but the design process is also meant to empower you. If you want to design a fully or partially custom designed pergola, we make that easy, too.

Attached white outdoor pergola covering firepit and outdoor furniture

Finally, all of our pergolas are low-maintenance and will last a lifetime. Since all of these white outdoor pergolas are built with premium vinyl, they are immune to the rot, mold, and rust that destroys wooden or metal pergolas. Plus, vinyl is an extremely easy material to clean – all you need to do is to occasionally wipe the pergola down with soap and water to keep it looking good as new!


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If you’re ready to stop yearning and start enjoying, we’ve got everything you need. You can order all of our most popular white pergolas (and other colors) online right now. Of course, if you want to design something fully custom, or you simply have a few questions, our team is standing by ready to help.

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