5 Eye-Popping Pool Pergola Ideas

pool pergola ideas

You’re going to love your new pergola — almost as much as you love taking a dip in your pool. Pairing pools and pergolas has been a hallmark of outdoor living design for practically forever, and it’s easy to see why. Explore some of the most popular pool pergola ideas we’ve built over the years — and find the one that’s perfect for your backyard.

Our Favorite Ways to Use Pool Pergolas

These pool pergola ideas are meant to enhance both the look and the usability of your backyard space. Peruse these pool pergola designs and get started planning your personal backyard retreat.

1. Private Poolside Space private poolside pergola idea

A pergola that provides you and your family with the privacy you need definitely has a place alongside your pool. By customizing your free-standing pergola with a wraparound shade, you can create a totally secluded area. Whether you use it as a changing area or as your personal cabana clubhouse, you’ll enjoy the poolside privacy that comes with this pergola design.

2. Semi-Shaded Lounge Area pool pergola in semi shaded lounge area

When you need a break from swimming, this pool pergola idea can help you relax in style. Building a shade area for your deck chairs directly next to the water lets loungers feel connected even if they aren’t in the water themselves. You can outfit this pergola with a roof screen to provide some much needed shade against the summer sun.

3. Overlook Deck or Patio pool pergola design for deck or patio

Let the kids swim — it’s time for the grown-ups to unwind! If your deck overlooks your above-ground or in-ground pool, enhancing it with an attached pergola can build a gorgeous outdoor aesthetic that makes your whole backyard look high and grand, especially when seen from the pool. Plus, you can customize your pergola with a canopy or shade to make sure your deck is the most comfortable place in your backyard.

4. Pergola over Your Hot Tub hot tub with a pergola

Close enough to a pool pergola design, a hot tub is the perfect size to be covered by one of these structures. Completing your hot tub with a pergola adds a distinct touch of luxury that will wow your guests. Plus, the possibilities of extra shade and privacy can make your hot tub even more comfortable.

However, since hot tubs often see the most use in the evenings, we recommend adding a built-in lighting scheme to your hot tub pergola, for a tranquil glow.

Learn more about pergolas with lights.

5. Decorative Accent pool pergola design with decorative accent

Pergolas are beautiful — that’s one of the major reasons they have a place in so many carefully curated outdoor living spaces. One of the best ways to incorporate a pool pergola is to simply install it as an accent piece to offset against the pool surface. The contrasting color of white vinyl against sandy concrete creates a gorgeous look — and the added height adds another dimension to fairly flat backyards.

Amish-Built Pergola Quality

No matter how you plan to use your pergola, the one thing you need to be certain about is its quality. While cheaper pergolas can be found at hardware stores and big box stores, you get what you pay for. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve replaced countless cheap pergolas that have either fallen apart at the seams or completely rotted away.

Discover the downsides of cheap pergolas.

Just like your pool, a pergola is another investment in your backyard. You want to make sure it lasts and looks good for decades to come. At Garbrella, all of our pergolas are hand-built by real Amish craftsmen to ensure the highest degree of quality and customization.

Bring Your Pool Pergola Ideas to Life

Excited for your private poolside oasis? Or are you simply looking to spend time lounging in the shade? Either way, a custom pergola is the final touch. We’re on hand to help you finalize your design and bring your pool pergola ideas to life.

Whether you’re ready to order or you want to discuss your design, our designers are ready to assist. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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