DIY Pergola Shopping Guide: Do You Know What to Look For?

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Pergolas are the in-demand touch that bring shade and style to a deck, patio, or backyard — and they are a perfect DIY project. Building a DIY pergola is easier than a full pavilion, only takes an afternoon, and likely doesn’t require any building permits. Plus, tackling the project on your own saves you from having to pay a contractor, and DIY pergola kits come delivered with everything you’ll need to build the structure — no previous experience required!

You’ll love your new pergola for the way it transforms your yard — and for how much fun you had building it. However, the right pergola kit is a main factor in having a good experience building, owning, and enjoying your pergola for decades. At Garbrella, we craft high-quality DIY pergola kits and ship them to homeowners across the nation. Start shopping our pergolas right now — or keep reading to learn about what ANY good do-it-yourself pergola offers!

5 Do-It-Yourself Pergola Essentials

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Since pergolas are such a hot commodity these days, the market is flooded — and not all of your options are equally good, especially for DIY construction. If you want to find a great do-it-yourself pergola, look for these 5 all-important traits:


Vinyl Construction

Vinyl is the deluxe pergola material, and ANY great DIY pergola kit you’ll buy will be made of vinyl. Vinyl is the best material for a pergola because it will NEVER rot or get moldy like wood will. In addition, you won’t have to re-paint or re-stain a vinyl pergola every year like you would with a wood option. The low-maintenance aspect is a huge selling point for a reason — you worked hard to build it, and you don’t want to keep working hard while you own it.

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Everything Included

A do-it-yourself pergola should come with everything required to build it as soon as it arrives. You shouldn’t need to make a trip to the hardware store before you can get to work. When you shop for your vinyl pergola from Garbrella, all of the materials you need come included.


Custom Options

Another reason that most of our customers want a do-it-yourself pergola rather than a store bought one is that they have a unique idea in mind for their backyard. All of our custom pergola kits can be tailored to your outdoor decor. From a style standpoint, our pergolas come in a variety of different colors and with different styles of posts and roof lattice options. Plus, we also outfit our structures with tons of extras like sunshades, built-in lighting, and much more.


Good Instructions & A Team to Support You

Even though you love the challenge of building your own pergola, you never want to be overwhelmed. Our kits come with clear and detailed instructions that walk you through the process of building them from the ground up. While those instructions do the trick for most of our customers, our experts are ready to help answer ANY and ALL questions you may have. Just like we can walk you through the design process to make sure you buy the right pergola for your space and budget, our team is ready to walk you through the installation, too.


A Fair Price

Finally, one of the most common reasons we hear why homeowners build their own pergolas rather than hiring a contractor is because they want to save money on the installation. When factoring in the vinyl pergola cost — there’s no point to pay someone for something you can and will enjoy doing yourself. Since you’re saving big on the install cost, you want to make sure you’re getting a fair price on the pergola kit itself.

Pergolas for Sale

Shop for Your DIY Pergola Kit

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You’ll love the elegant pergola style, the partial shade profile, and that you built it all yourself. Building a DIY pergola is one of the best ways you can spend an afternoon to transform your backyard for decades to come. If you want to buy now and get started, we offer easy online ordering and convenient nationwide shipping.

However, if you’d like to discuss your style, your budget, and your project with an expert, our designers are standing by. Reach out today to start the conversation!

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