Pergola Designs for Maximum Shade

pergola designs for shade

You want to complete your backyard with a spot-on stylistic accent — and you also need to provide a spot of shade for your open outdoor space. A pergola is the solution that satisfies your visual desires while providing decent coverage from the summer sun. See our pergola designs for shade, and learn more about pergolas with canopies for complete sun coverage.

At Garbrella, we’re a national leader in building luxury vinyl pergolas for the shade you need all while completing the backyard style you love. Learn more about how much shade pergolas provide and how to maximize yours with a pergola canopy.

How Much Shade do Pergolas Provide?

pergolas with canopies

Pergolas get their distinct look from the roof, which features the ornamental lattice that makes them famous. The signature pergola roof limits intense direct sunlight but doesn’t block out all the sun. This makes a pergola ideal for spaces that want to have partial sun exposure.

While pergolas do limit the intensity of direct sunlight, on their own they don’t provide full coverage shade. Compared to a covered porch, pavilion, or gazebo, a pergola won’t offer the same full coverage without adding the additional feature of a canopy. Fortunately, at Garbrella, that’s a custom option we include for all of our attached and free-standing pergolas.

Pergolas with canopies are an upgrade we recommend to homeowners who are looking to have shade equivalent to any traditional backyard structure with the in-style look of a pergola.

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Deluxe Pergolas with Canopies

deluxe pergola with canopy

Pergolas with canopies are one of the custom options we recommend when homeowners ask us about designs with shade in mind. The canopies feature a sun-blocking fabric shade underneath the lattice roof. This shade provides heavy-duty sun blocking benefits while still letting the lattice look of the roof stand out.

An added benefit of pergolas with canopies is that you can extend or retract the screen to adjust how much sunlight you want to let in. When shade is something you need, you can extend your pergola’s canopy. However, if you want to invite natural sunlight to your covered sitting area, you can simply retract the canopy. This provides a level of flexibility that other backyard structures simply don’t offer.

In addition to providing all of the practical shade benefit, an attractive pergola canopy adds a splash of color to your backyard space. Plus, since pergolas tend to be a light and neutral color, the lively fabric enhances almost any backyard. A canopy is the perfect solution to getting the shade you need while keeping the pergola style you like — all while adding a bright color accent to your outdoor space.

If you want added privacy with your pergola, we can build an option that includes wrap around curtains. This provides maximum privacy — and the feeling of being a VIP in your own cabana, whether you’re poolside or not!

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Customize Your Pergola Design for Shade and Order Now

retractable pergola canopy

When you’re building an upscale outdoor space, you want every touch to be a part of your masterplan. When you add a canopy, there are numerous pergola designs for shade that also boast the distinct style you’ve come to appreciate! When you work with Garbrella, we build your pergola custom, to fit your exact needs and your specific aesthetic tastes. In fact, that custom construction is one of the main reasons to trust a handmade pergola builder — as opposed to just buying from a big box store.

Learn more about the difference between handmade pergolas and big box store pergolas.

When you’re ready to start shopping for your Garbrella pergola, you have options. You can make your selections and order online, and we’ll ship it nationwide. You can also call our outdoor expert to discuss your custom touches and your pergola designs for shade. And if you want to feel what truly makes a Garbrella pergola stand out, we can send you a material sample kit! Contact us to start the conversation about your custom-built pergola!

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