5 Fast Ways to Increase Outdoor Living Privacy

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There was a time you could kick-back in a summery solitude right in your own backyard, on your own time, with a refreshing drink and feet dipped in the pool. Then, the house next door cleared some trees on their lot and the new housing development started being built out back. Now, it feels as though you can’t even step into your own yard without being on display for all your new “friends”.

So, how can you ensure a relaxing, worry-free afternoon out back without too much exposure to the sun’s powerful rays or your neighbor’s nosy tendencies? Take a look at our list of the top 5 most reliable and affordable backyard privacy solutions.

Affordable Backyard Privacy Solutions

You can’t get rid of your neighbors, but you can get rid of their ability to see into your space. Let us help you get peace and privacy back to your property with these 5 affordable solutions.

1. Get a Green, Green Thumb shade trees in backyard

Kill two birds with one stone by planting shade trees or shrubbery around the premise of your yard! Not only can plants give your outdoor space added privacy, but they also create a beautifully landscaped space. Some of our favorite backyard plants for privacy are Arborvitae trees, Holly, Boxwood, and Hedges. A built-in bonus of turning your yard into a colorful oasis is the eco-friendly benefits. Plus, this natural approach to increasing outdoor living privacy often DOES NOT need to be approved by municipalities!

Be sure to keep in mind that, depending on the type of greenery you choose, regular maintenance will most likely be required.

2. A Fence That Makes Sense backyard privacy fence

Because of their practicality, fences are easily one of America’s most classic ways to increase backyard privacy. In fact, if you have a pool, patio, or playground, a fence may actually be a requirement. Fortunately, these solid barriers come in several materials, styles, heights, and colors, so there is most likely something that will accommodate for even the pickiest person.

However, just like with plants, the type of fence material you choose will require different levels of maintenance. Also, depending on the size of your yard, a fence can rack up a hefty bill quite quickly.

3. Grow up – Your Plants, That is. tall potted plants

If managing wild shrubbery is too much of a hassle, and a solid fenced wall isn’t quite your taste, consider opting for a few tall potted plants instead. Finding backyard plants for privacy that will grow up and not out can help reach new heights (literally) when it comes to distorting the neighbor’s view of your yard.

Greenery like Horsetail Grass and Bamboo are some of the fastest growing, vertically inclined species — two vital things to keep in mind when finding ways to quickly add privacy to your backyard.

While being in a pot can cut down on maintenance, it is still important to keep an eye on the growth of these plants and trim down when needed.

4. Get Crafty With It backyard privacy wall

Make an outdoor statement with a personalized wall that displays your own sense of style. For the creatively inclined, this can be a fun challenge to design and build a unique wall that looks great, while also adding privacy to your backyard. For the creatively challenged, it may be best to consider hiring a professional or asking a trusted friend for help. Either way, the possibilities are endless.

On the contrary, building your own privacy feature could turn into a big time investment. Make sure you set aside ample time in your schedule so this D-I-Y doesn’t turn into an unfished a D-I-Try.

5. Perfecting the Pergola vinyl pergola used for backyard privacy

A classic, vinyl pergola adds elegance — without stealing the spotlight from your stunning views and luscious landscaping. One of our favorite things about these stunning outdoor structures is that they don’t hide your backyard, they enhance it.

The versatile structures of a pergola mean you can include additional privacy features like tasteful wrap-around curtains or lattice screens, as well. For more shade and rich color, try wrapping live twining plants around the rafters. Just imagine watching the sun go down while unwinding under a vine-covered luxury!

Unlike other backyard privacy solutions, that take time to grow, develop, or design, a pergola from Garbrella can be acquired and installed in as little as just a few days.

Indulge in Wrap Around Privacy

Garbrella pergolas set you up for complete privacy from nearly every angle. With the ability to accentuate your house, our vinyl structures are more than simply a way to set yourself apart.

Don’t just sit under a pergola, relax completely in your personal, secluded cabana where you feel like the VIP. Spending just a few minutes in your own outdoor oasis can make forgetting the day’s troubles all the easier.

Vinyl Pergolas from Garbrella

Garbrella is every homeowner’s one-stop shop for all things pergolas. From the initial design, to the installation, to additional accessories and more, our team will walk every step of the journey with you. With our expertise in the industry, we can even assist you in choosing a lighting system, ceiling fan, or curtains that maximize livability.

Our vinyl pergolas come in a variety of standard models or can be custom designed to meet your personal needs. Garbrella is proud to offer online ordering and fair nationwide shipping rates.

If you have any additional questions about how to increase outdoor living privacy or about our famous vinyl pergolas, contact our team today.

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