Backyard Pergola Styles & Color Ideas for Every Aesthetic

free standing backyard pergola

In the world of backyard oasis design, the pergola colors and style you choose holds meaning. Your pergola color and style can set the tone for your outdoor living space or serve as a gorgeous exclamation point.

Just like how each of your children has their own unique personalities, so do the different styles of pergolas. All are appreciated and beautiful, but some just thrive better in certain situations than others. Bold and attention-demanding or naturally subtle and discreet, backyard pergolas have the authority to change the conversation of your entire outdoor setting.

If you want the addition of your pergola to look a lot more like a masterpiece rather than one labeled generously as a “good try”, consider these tips when sorting through your endless options for pergola color ideas — as well as viewing some inspiring pergola images.

Why the Different Styles of Pergolas Actually Matter

almond backyard vinyl pergola

Chances are, you already know about the endless benefits of these outdoor shade-enhancing beauties. The increase in property value, the endless aesthetic and the countless customization options make it exciting! But with so many pergola styles, colors, and materials out there, this luxury can come as both a blessing and a curse.

A pergola style is what helps define yours. Depending on what purpose your pergola serves and the color scheme of your home’s exterior, we can assist you in narrowing down what pergola color best matches your scene.

Instead of spending hours searching through a multitude of pergola images on Pinterest, read our blog to learn about the pergola color to best match your home exterior and personal style.

Pergola Styles & Colors for Traditional Designs

Your design style may be defined as Traditional if words like “timeless” and “elegant” come up in your vocabulary quite often. Because of the consistent siding color or light brick exterior of typical traditional homes, a tan or wood grain vinyl pergola serves best.

Having a natural color for your pergola also allows versatility within the design. So whether it is a simple garden pergola or an outdoor kitchen statement-piece, the neutral colors of traditional design will complement the space without stealing the spotlight for themselves.

We also should mention that one huge advantage with any vinyl pergola selection, despite the color, is the further option of having it be free standing or attached to the home. To learn about the differences and advantages of free standing and attached pergolas, read our blog post!

Check out our gallery of traditional pergola pictures below for inspiration and pergola color ideas!

Pergola Styles & Colors for Modern Designs

Out of all the different styles of pergolas available, this one has got to be our personal favorite! For those who like to “live in the lead” and claim membership in the local trendsetter’s club, a white vinyl pergola is the only way to go.

White is known as a positive and pure color that never goes out of style. Fortunately, it also gets along wonderfully with both dark and light exterior colors.

The material — and the color — will last you for many years to come, and is versatile enough to compliment stucco, brick, bright AND neutral color home siding. Plus, since white matches everything, your options stay wide open should you ever desire to add furniture or curtains.

See below to explore the gallery of white vinyl pergola pictures.

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Tan, White & Clay Colored Vinyl Pergolas for Sale

white backyard pergola

Garbella is every homeowner’s one-stop-shop for tan, clay, white and wood grain vinyl pergolas. From the first step of selecting your favorite pergola color idea to the final stage of construction, our team is here to make sure you get an outdoor structure that you can’t help but adore!

Our vinyl pergola kits come in a wide array of standard models but can be custom designed to fit your personal needs.

For more gorgeous vinyl pergola pictures, take a few minutes to view our showcase photo gallery! Once you’re ready to lock down on a low-maintenance pergola style, you can order directly through our website or ask us any questions you have. Shipping is a low rate nationwide and shopping online is secure!

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