Amish Pergolas vs. Hardware Store Pergolas

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You’ve set a high standard for your deck, patio, or outdoor space. You’ve built custom with superior materials that will last a lifetime. In fact, you take pride knowing your outdoor living space is the preferred hangout of your friends and the envy of your neighbors.

So, when you want to complete your backyard décor with a pergola, where should you turn? Can you buy a quality pergola at the same place you buy your snow shovels — or are deluxe Amish pergolas really that much better? To give you an idea, we offer a 30-year warranty on our pergolas — hardware stores can’t compete, not even close.

At Garbella, we’ve been building custom pergolas for years, and we’ve replaced enough big box store pergolas to know the difference. Learn about the 5 main things that separate hardware store pergolas and Amish-built pergolas.

5 Differences between Handcrafted Pergolas and Big Box Store Pergolas

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You’d be surprised by how many different stores sell pergolas: from local hardware stores to garden centers, and even national big box store chains. However, just like you wouldn’t trust a random person to design and build your dream deck or patio, not every hardware store sells a pergola that can complete your look and last a lifetime.

Shop our pergolas right now Here are the main differences between Amish pergolas and their retail alternatives:


From a distance, you might not be able to distinguish a deluxe Amish pergola from a big box store version. Up close, though, the material shows you everything you need to know. Garbrella pergolas are crafted from durable and low maintenance vinyl. Building pergolas with vinyl material is the secret to our pergolas’ longevity. However, to cut costs, big box store pergolas are made with metal or wood, both of which have their downsides. Metal pergolas tend to rust out fairly quickly and wooden pergolas often grow mold and start to decay. While the initial purchase price might be a little higher, you’ll have your Garbrella pergola for life — as opposed to only a couple of summers.

Feel the vinyl difference — request a sample material kit today!



A sign of the perfect backyard space? Everything fits together exactly as it should. Another reason that Garbrella pergolas complete so many deluxe projects is that they are all custom-built to fit your yard’s dimensions. When you buy a pergola from a retail store, you get what they have sitting in the parking lot — nothing custom, nothing unique. While you hope the pergola fits the rest of your hand-picked outdoor space, it’s really up to chance.

Learn more about finding the perfect pergola size for you.


Superior Craftsmanship

Every Garbrella pergola was hand-built by an experienced craftsman. The same can’t be said for hardware store pergolas, which were likely built hundreds at a time in factories. The attention to detail behind our pergolas allows us to guarantee their performance — which is why we are able to offer our no-hassle 30-year warranty.


Custom Colors

Dark, modern grays and charcoals, or a design of natural earth tones. If you decided carefully on your outdoor living color scheme, the pergola you buy should match it. Once again, when you go to a big box store, you get whatever they have on the lot. We build pergolas that are specifically intended to match your design. When it comes to crafting your ideal outdoor space, never settle.



When the right materials meet expert craftsmanship, the result is a product that lasts a lifetime. Not only does your handmade Amish pergola look better and perfectly accessorize your décor, it’s a smarter buy, too. Since one of our pergolas has a lifespan that is at least four-to-five times longer than a big box store competitor, you enjoy the deluxe value year-after-year. We warrant our Amish pergolas for up to 30 years, but they can last way longer, too!

When you buy something of handmade quality, you don’t only get the best experience on day one, but every day down the road, too. Our pieces are built to accessorize your already stunning outdoor space — and they stay gorgeous for years as well. That’s the Amish pergola difference in a nutshell.

Pergola Picture Galley

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Having built and shipped Pergolas nationwide, we have many wonderful projects you can take a look at that illustrate all of the ways our deluxe pergolas can complete your outdoor décor. Get inspired by a few real projects submitted by Garbrella fans.

View our project gallery

Amish Pergolas for Sale Nationwide

From our main location in Lancaster, PA to the rest of the nation, we ship our pergolas across the country — all the way to Hawaii. If you want to truly complete your outdoor space, you want Garbrella. You can enjoy our style and craftsmanship no matter where you live.

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