BBQ Pergola: Inspiration and Ideas

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Whether you call yourself the grill master — or there’s one in your family — you know firsthand how satisfying a meal cooked and enjoyed outside can be. Increasingly, people are turning their decks and patios into dedicated outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas. One of the key style ingredients to accomplish this is a custom BBQ pergola. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting our favorite pergola BBQ area ideas!

At Garbrella, we build and ship high-quality vinyl pergolas to homeowners all across the country. We’re sharing our recommendations to build a gorgeous looking and practical pergola grill area. Keep reading to see our favorite pergola BBQ area ideas — or simply reach out to one of our outdoor designers to buy your pergola today!

How to Build a Pergola Grill Area

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When you’re building a pergola grill area, you want to focus on having a gorgeous looking space that also makes it even easier to use your outdoor space. Offering luxury style and real practicality, these pergola BBQ area ideas make your space better in every way.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:


Choose the Correct Size

The size of the structure you need depends on the size of your grill and your potential pergola grill area. Generally, the three most common sizes are 12’ X 16’, 14’ X 16’, and 16’ X 16’. These provide ample space to work for most outdoor kitchens.

More questions about the dimensions? Read our pergola size guide.


Everything Included

A do-it-yourself pergola should come with everything required to build it as soon as it arrives. You shouldn’t need to make a trip to the hardware store before you can get to work. When you shop for your vinyl pergola from Garbrella, all of the materials you need come included.


Choose Attached or Detached

One of the most important choices you make when bringing a pergola to any outdoor space is whether you want your pergola attached to your home or completely free-standing. Most pergola grill areas tend to be on decks or patios and thus can work well with either option. While free-standing pergolas provide you a little more freedom, attached pergolas are less expensive. Ultimately, this comes down to personal style preference.


Consider Shade Coverage Ideas

Not only can a BBQ pergola bring a sense of HGTV luxury to your backyard, but it also has a practical benefit. By adding a shade canopy to your pergola, you can grill for longer periods of time and enjoy complete protection from the overhead sun. This is something grill masters appreciate when they’re cooking for hours to feed a big party!

Check out pergola designs for maximum shade.


Add Some Elegance

You don’t need a fully decked-out outdoor space to make use of a pergola. If your outdoor space now is pretty sparse, this is your chance to upgrade it. By placing a BBQ pergola as an accent to your grill, you automatically add an elegant vertical dimension to the space. Don’t stop there, though — tie the entire space together with a table and chairs. If you haven’t invested in an outdoor dining area, this is the perfect chance to do so while matching the look of your centerpiece pergola.

Shop Custom Pergolas

Pergolas Built to Last

pergola bbq area ideas

With all of the time and planning you’re putting into these pergola BBQ area ideas and grill spaces, you expect your outdoor decor to last. At Garbrella, we build a higher quality of pergola that is meant to last a lifetime. While you can go to a hardware store or a big box chain and find a cheaper pergola, it won’t have the same quality as a custom piece, and chances are it will fall apart after a few years.

Here’s why our pergolas last a lifetime:

  • Our pergolas are built from vinyl — Since our pergolas are built out of maintenance-free vinyl, they’ll never rust, rot, or grow mold. Most cheap pergolas are built from either wood or cheap metal and will breakdown and degrade over time.
  • Our pergolas are handmade to be tough — Each of our pergolas are hand-built by an experienced craftsman. On the other hand, cheaper pergolas are built on assembly lines in giant factories. Our superior construction means that our pergolas are able to stand up to strong winds, while many other options fall apart.

Learn more about where to buy pergolas and why it matters.

Design & Order Your BBQ Pergola Today

If you’re ready to get started building your dream backyard, we’re ready to help with the BBQ pergola to match. If you want to order completely online, we make it easy and offer shipping all across the USA. However, if you have some questions about the right piece for your pergola grill area, our designers are ready to help. We can help you decide on the right size, style, and much more!

Reach out today to start the conversation!

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