The Pergola Size Guide: Find the Right Pergola Sizes and Measurements for Your Home

18X26 almond vinyl pergola on patio

A gorgeous vinyl pergola can add a luxurious flair to your deck or patio, while providing you with the practical shaded space you’ll love. If you prefer a free standing pergola, it can transform an empty yard into an eye-catching outdoor living space. Essentially, we say that whatever kind of pergola you choose will improve the look and usability of your outdoor space. Making sure you’re looking at the right size pergola is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner to guarantee you love your new vinyl pergola!

That’s why we’ve created the Garbrella Pergola size guide — meant to help you find the pergola size that’s best for your home and your needs. The right pergola dimensions ensure your new outdoor accessory isn’t too large or too small — but just right for your needs and sense of style.

Read our pergola size guide to find the right pergola size for your home — and to start shopping today.

Why Pergola Sizes and Dimensions are Important for Planning

Almost any outdoor living space can be enhanced by the addition of a stunning vinyl pergola. Making sure that pergola is a good fit for the space is important, though. If your pergola is undersized for your needs, you’ll have trouble arranging your furniture in the pergola’s shade. On the other hand, if your pergola is too big for your deck or patio, it’ll end up dwarfing the rest of your outdoor living space.

The Right Size Pergolas for Decks, Patios, and Yards

Pergola dimensions are one of the most important things to consider when shopping for your pergola or pergola kit. Here are our recommended pergola sizes for different needs:

Small to Medium Sized Decks: Around 12X16 feet

The vast majority of decks fall into this category. For these types of spaces we recommend an attached pergola that’s close to 12X16 feet. This pergola size can provide the shade and style you want without making the rest of the deck look tiny in comparison or encroaching out into the yard.

12X16 pergola for small or medium sized deck

See how this 12X16 attached pergola really makes the deck stand out while providing the homeowners with outdoor space they love.

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Large Decks: Around 16X24 feet

Larger decks often include more luxury features like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and built-in seating. Larger pergolas accommodate larger decks for both practical and stylistic reasons. Practically speaking, you’ll want to use your large deck for entertaining — you need an equally large pergola to keep your guests cool and sun-shaded. Stylistically, your dream deck is an extension of your home — you want it to look impressive. If you opt for an undersized pergola, it will stand out from the rest of your outdoor space. However, a striking and proportional vinyl pergola can be a fitting cap for your outdoor space.

16X20 foot pergola for large deck

Observe how this large 16X20 foot pergola serves as a natural focal point for this luxury deck. Due to the size of this sprawling space, the pergola is the perfect centerpiece as well as a useful covered sitting area.

Backyard Free Standing Pergola: 12X16 or 16X20

When completing your yard space with a pergola, you have the greatest range for deciding on your pergola dimensions. Since you aren’t selecting your pergola size to coincide with another structure, it can be as big as you want.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend choosing your free standing pergola size by first deciding how many people you want to comfortably seat under it.

If you need space for no more than 6 people, a 12X16 pergola should work for you. However, if you think you’d like to accommodate seating for 12 people, we recommend a spacious 16X20 foot pergola.

12X12 almond colored pergola for backyard

See how this 12X12 almond colored pergola adorns this already lush outdoor oasis. In addition to being a unique and stylish ornament, the free standing pergola also creates a private covered seating area.

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Small Patio: Around 12X12 feet

Patios can vary in size nearly as much as decks — and the pergolas that best accompany them vary as well. Since small patios are a popular choice for pergolas, we’ll profile small patios in our pergola size guide.

We often recommend opting for a modest sized pergola that provides the premium useful space that you and your family will appreciate for years to come. That’s why 12X12 is such a popular and successful size — it provides enough space for the whole family overflowing past the patio onto the lawn.

9X12 pergola for small patio

Notice how this modest 9X12 pergola perfectly matches the size and style of the home and outdoor living space. This project provides a secluded outdoor sitting area and makes for a great looking aesthetic touch — during the day or at night!

Whether you’re building the centerpiece of your grand composite deck or are building a secluded backyard getaway, everyone’s tastes and every pergola are different. Our pergola buying guide can show you common and successful styles — but ultimately anything you dream can be built and can be fantastic.

5 Steps to Find Your Perfect Pergola Size

  1. Know what furniture you want first or buy the furniture you want — Having the right furniture in mind or at hand will help you know how much space you’ll need from your pergola.
  2. Once you have potential pergola dimensions in mind, place a visual estimate on the ground — If you’re building the pergola in your yard, stake out the corners. If you’re building it on your patio or porch, use cones or another marker to give you a visual of the pergola size.
  3. Place your actual furniture in the space and see how it looks — This is the best way to know if your furniture fits comfortably or if your pergola is too big or too small. Explore our outdoor seating options.
  4. If you like the look and feel of your pergola dimensions, mark it down — If you aren’t satisfied, find another size and try again.
  5. Once you have the pergola square footage finalized, you’ll want to decide on the height — We recommend choosing an 8 foot high pergola for most designs, but recommend increasing it to 9 feet high if you want to include lighting or ceiling fan accessories.
Amish Pergola Builders

At Garbrella we build beautiful and durable custom pergolas that complete dream outdoor living spaces. Our pergolas have been used by homeowners across the United States, from our nearby neighbors in New Holland all the way to Hawaii!

We build pergolas and custom pergola kits to order, meaning you can count on the highest level of quality — and the exact dimensions and designs you need. We’re always available for a conversation to kick-start your design process. If you’re ready, you can get started right now.

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