Building a Pergola Over a Patio

pergola over a patio

Patios are an equally gorgeous and practical outdoor living space. After all, the stone or stamped concrete brings a singular natural beauty — and requires far less maintenance than a wooden deck. The only real downside of a hardscape is that they tend to be a bit flat and almost always uncovered. That’s why building a pergola over a patio is one of the most popular upgrades, as well as one of our personal favorites!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft luxury vinyl pergola kits that are used all over the country, from New York all the way to Hawaii! In today’s blog, we’re showcasing how you can use a pergola over a patio and highlighting some of the real projects that made excellent use of it! Keep reading to see all of your options, or start shopping right here!

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5 Favorite Patio Pergola Designs

Your goals when accessorizing a hardscape space with a pergola are two-fold: you want to make the area more usable and more attractive. These patio pergola designs all accomplish both of those goals:

Shaded Seating Area patio pergola designs

A pergola (complete with a sun barrier) can be the ideal solution for bringing shady comfort to an otherwise open patio. This upgrade makes your patio a standout seating space any time, day or night. Plus, the elegant look of the pergola can make a standard patio feel more like a formal seating space.

Patio Dining Area pergola over a patio dining area

Capture the ambience of a fancy outdoor bistro and bring it to your backyard with this patio pergola design. Placing a pergola over your outdoor table creates a distinct “dining space” on your patio rather than just a place the family sometimes eats. In addition, by having lighting built into your pergola, you bring much-needed ambience to your space for those late dinners.

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Patio Hot Tub pergola design for patio with hot tub

Hot tubs are a fantastic way to unwind after a long and tiring day, and they happen to be one of the most sought-after patio accessories. Pairing a hot tub with the other in-demand patio accessory (a pergola over a patio) makes for a truly standout space! The pergola adds an elegant visual flair to the hot tub, making your area look closer to a resort rather than a suburban backyard.

Floral Centerpiece pergola over a patio with plants

The gray, tan, or brick-colored surface of a patio is definitely one of the defining reasons to love these outdoor living styles. However, these spaces often could use a pop of lively color. An interesting patio pergola design involves building a free-standing or attached pergola to serve as the perfect place to display hanging plants. Pair this with ground-level planters around posts for a full floral feature.

Cooking & Grilling Space patio pergola design for outdoor kitchen

While eating outside is fun, a patio pergola design makes grilling even more enticing. By placing a pergola over your grill space or outdoor kitchen, you make it a formal piece of your careful outdoor blueprint. This design shows that anything you enjoy using your patio for can be made beautiful with one of these accent pieces!

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No-Maintenance Pergolas that Last a Lifetime

These patio pergola designs you carefully and lovingly create can last a lifetime — provided you have the right pergola. In addition to their attractive styles, Garbrella Pergolas stand out due to their ability to last a lifetime in the elements without ever needing re-painted or re-stained.

This durability comes down to two things: our superior materials and our hand-made construction quality. Every single one of our pergola kits are built from maintenance-free vinyl which will never rot like wooden pergolas or rust like metal ones. In addition, every single one of our pieces is built here in our workshop by a skilled craftsman rather than being assembled hundreds at a time overseas. Since a pergola over a patio is something you invest in, it only makes sense that you expect it to last!

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Shop for a Pergola Over Your Patio

You have the idea, you have the patio, now all you need is the top-rated pergola to bring your luxury space to life. You can buy any of our easy-install kits online and have them shipped right to your door. That’s how easy installing a pergola over a patio is! However, if you’d rather build something fully custom, our team is always happy to help with that, too. Reach out right now for questions and to discuss your custom project!

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