2021 Outdoor Living Trends

outdoor living trends

There’s no question that for almost everyone, 2020 changed everything. From how we worked and how we enjoyed our free time, things were different. Entertaining friends and enjoying more time outdoors became one of the most pleasant changes the year had to offer. While the new year is here, the love of outdoor time remains — so check out our 2021 outdoor living trends for the upgrade ideas you’ll want to try!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re a pergola and backyard accessory builder that has long embraced the outdoor living lifestyle. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting a wide variety of trends, ideas, and upgrades that homeowners will be bringing home this year. Keep reading to explore our choices for outdoor living trends — or start shopping for your outdoor accessories right now!

7 Yard Upgrade Ideas to Try

These yard upgrade ideas range from the in-demand products to buy to the DIY updates to tackle over a weekend. While not every upgrade is right for every home (or homeowner), we hope you’ll feel inspired to try a few of these this year!

1. Making Use of the Front Yard yard upgrade ideas

Notice how these are yard upgrade ideas (not just backyard ideas). That’s because in 2021, outdoor designers will turn their attention to their front yards, too. Using your front lawn as a sort of courtyard will give you a change of scenery when socializing outside — while creating another beautiful and finished space. Consider adding outdoor furniture, stone pavers, and potentially even some shade for a secondary outdoor seating area.

2. Growing Something Other than Grass hot bed outdoor living trend

For the longest time, a manicured lawn was the single most impressive display of horticultural excellence for many homeowners. With more time to spend on your green spaces, this is the perfect opportunity to plant flowers, vegetables, and anything else you can imagine. Whether you want to build your own beds or place professional-quality hot beds and cold frames, you’ll love seeing how trying out your green thumb makes your lawn look.

3. Deck Refresh deck upgrade idea with new railing

The centerpiece of many outdoor living spaces, your deck probably gets the most time and the most attention. That’s why updating an old and neglected deck will be a popular outdoor living trend in 2021. The most common improvement to enhance the look and safety of this space is replacing the deck boards (some or all) and upgrading the railings.

Shop Our Luxury Railing Kits 4. Vinyl Everywhere outdoor living trend with vinyl structures

You’ll see this outdoor living trend used all over the outdoors and for countless different products. Whether it’s for a statement-making pergola or furniture set, vinyl provides no-maintenance convenience, a gorgeous up-to-date look, and the knowledge you’ll be able to use the piece for decades. Count on seeing more and more faux wood vinyl products to provide the style advantages of the rustic look of wood. In fact, we’ve always built all of our weatherproof pergolas out of vinyl for this very reason!

5. Personal Bars and Kitchens yard upgrade idea with outdoor kitchen

Bringing home what you love about the world is one of the keys to a successful outdoor living makeover. This yard upgrade idea can look like anything from a stone bar and pizza oven on your patio to a simple outdoor bar cart. Ultimately, this trend is all about finding one more way to maximize your outdoor space.

6. Stylish Upgraded Lighting outdoor living trend with deck lighting

Having lighting fixtures somewhere in your outdoor living area has always been a necessity if you want to enjoy the space after the sun sets. However, in 2021, you’re going to want to make that lighting scheme a beautiful and integrated aspect of your outdoor space. While modern light fixtures go a long way, building lighting into the railing system, deck boards, or another part of your space creates a look like no other. For a two-in-one upgrade, check out our pergolas with lights!

7. Showstopping Pergola yard upgrade with vinyl pergola

The centerpiece of countless designs, a beautiful pergola will transform your deck, patio, or yard. Since we see how pergolas can enhance all types of spaces every day, building a pergola is our favorite yard upgrade idea for 2021. While pergolas have become an increasingly in-demand accessory — seen on Pinterest and HGTV — for several years now, 2021 may be their biggest year yet!

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Trust Us for Quality in Everything We Offer

In many cases, the best yard upgrade ideas are only as good as the products you use to make them real. When you shop Garbrella, you can count on vinyl products that will last a lifetime out in the elements and look great the entire time. Trust us for pergola kits, railings, outdoor furniture, and more. All of our products are built in America by experienced craftsmen out of high-quality vinyl. On the other hand, almost all big box store products were built overseas out of questionable materials.

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Bring These Outdoor Living Trends Home

As much as you loved (and relied on) your outdoor space in 2020, this year it’ll be even more beautiful, more functional, and closer tailored to your personal style. If you’re feeling inspired to roll up your sleeves and try out these outdoor living trends, you’re in the right place. We sell almost everything you need to get started and we can give you the key info to make your DIY project a resounding success.

Contact our team to ask any questions or to place a custom order!

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