Deck Pergola Ideas for Your Home

deck pergola ideas

Is your deck missing something? A pergola might just be the perfect solution! If you love your deck right now but wish it had a more interesting visual profile while providing shade, then you’re in the right place. Check out some of our favorite projects — and discover a few deck pergola ideas to bring to your home.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft and ship high-quality vinyl pergola kits nationwide. While our gorgeous pieces work for your lawn, garden, or patio — there’s no question that a deck is one of the most natural places for a pergola. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite deck pergola ideas and take inspiration from our beautiful images of pergolas on decks. However, if you’re ready to shop now, you can place your order right here…

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Real Examples & Images of Pergolas on Decks

While we build high-quality luxury pergolas, we build them for real homeowners in primarily suburban homes. To give you inspiration that you can actually use, we’re showcasing real images of pergolas on decks — and highlighting how these pieces completed the spaces:

images of pergolas on decks Elevated Pergola

This pergola adds a great vertical dimension to the elevated back deck. Notice how the lattice provides a great place from which to hang plants — this deck pergola idea adds a strong pop of color.

deck pergola idea with sitting area Sitting Area Pergola

We love how this attached pergola stylistically ties the deck sitting area together, while leaving the other half fully open. Plus, pay attention to how the white vinyl of the pergola matches the white frame windows and the trim of the home!

image of lighted pergola on deck Lighted Pergola

Check out this deck pergola image to see how a pergola can play into your outdoor lighting scheme. Notice how the ambient lights illuminate the area while the pergola structure adds another interesting dimension to the space.

tan accent deck pergola idea Tan Accent Pergola

This project is a bit different from the other images of pergolas on decks. This accent pergola is an attractive tan shade — rather than the traditional white. Plus, this piece provides partial shade for the hammock.

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image of pergola for jumbo deck Pergola for a Jumbo Deck

If you have a sprawling sun deck, adding a structure or decoration is key to making it feel interesting — rather than monotonous. This deck pergola idea works wonders here by incorporating an eye-catching vertical visual touch.

dining area deck pergola idea Dining Area Pergola

One of the most formal deck pergola ideas, you should consider using an elegant pergola to enhance your outdoor dining area. This can take an outdoor dining space your family already loves and make it feel like your own personal backyard restaurant.

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High-Quality, Low-Maintenance Kits

We hope these deck pergola ideas and images of pergolas on decks has you feeling inspired. While a truly elegant look is one of the most important traits of your new piece, it isn’t the only one. You want to make sure the pergola kit you invest in will last for decades without requiring tons of maintenance. That’s a guarantee that comes with any Garbrella pergola you buy.

Since pergolas have become the hottest outdoor structure over the last few years, more and more companies are building them — just not to the same level of quality. We’ve seen many big box store pergolas grow mold or rust and fall apart after just a few short years in the elements. The only way to delay that outcome is by repainting the pergola frequently.

That level of maintenance isn’t something most people want to keep up with — and we don’t blame them. That’s why when you buy one of our pergolas, you’ll never need to worry about painting or staining it, and it’ll last for decades out in the elements.

Learn more about what makes for the best pergola kits.

Discuss Your Deck Pergola Ideas & Buy Now

A pergola can be the perfect x-factor to make your deck the perfect outdoor space for family and friends. If you know what you want to buy, feel free to place your order right now — we ship nationwide, including to Hawaii! However, if you’d like to discuss your deck pergola ideas with our designers, we’re happy to find you the perfect piece or to craft something custom.

Reach out right now to discuss your plans, your custom pergola, and to get the price to bring it home!

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