The Best Pergola Kits on the Market

best pergola kits

Thanks to their sleek frame and elegant style, pergolas are THE in-demand shade structure for backyards across the country. Turn on HGTV or check Pinterest and you’ll see pergolas everywhere as a centerpiece of striking outdoor spaces. This new explosion of popularity means that pergolas are sold in more places than ever — which means it’s even more important to know how to spot true pergola quality. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting what makes for the best pergola kits on the market!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re a dedicated pergola builder who has been crafting vinyl pergola kits for more than a decade. Not only do we make it our mission to build the best pergola kits you’ll find, but we also want to teach our customers about these structures as well. Start shopping our vinyl pergolas right now — or keep reading to learn about the Garbrella difference!

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Traits of Top-Rated Pergolas

top-rated pergolas

There’s a big quality difference between the pergola kits you’ll find in the outdoor section of a big box store compared to those made by a dedicated pergola builder. That quality difference often determines how the pergola looks and how long you can expect to enjoy it. Top-rated pergolas share these key characteristics that set them above the rest:


Never Needs Re-Painted or Re-Stained

The best pergola kits will NEVER require being re-painted or re-stained. After all, you’re buying a luxury accessory, not another chore you have to complete every summer. Since all of our pergolas are 100% sheathed in attractive, weatherproof vinyl, they will always look just like new — without needing any touch-up work at all.

Learn more about what makes for a weatherproof pergola.


Gorgeous Look

The reason pergolas have become an in-demand accessory is their one-of-a-kind elegant aesthetic. You should be able to count on top-rated pergolas to look gorgeous as part of your overall landscape, while looking flawless up close.


Sturdy Construction

The best pergola kits are more than just attractive looking — they are built sturdy to last for decades in the elements. We’ve seen many cheap pergolas fall apart in mild wind conditions or after just a few years in the elements. Since a good pergola is an investment, you should be able to count on it lasting for decades.


Custom Options Available

Your backyard décor is unlike any other in the world. If a custom pergola is the key element to complete your design, that’s an option for you. Our pergola kits can come with a wide range of custom options, including unique post shapes, color options, sunshades, and much more.


Lasts for Decades

Like we said, a pergola is an investment in your backyard space. That’s why any top-rated pergola should last you for decades. Buying a vinyl pergola is a good place to start. Vinyl is impervious to the mold and rot that destroys wooden pergolas, and it’s immune to the rust that breaks down metal pergolas.

ANY Garbrella pergola you buy will offer all of these advantages, and more!

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See Some of Our Favorites

While it’s one thing to read all about what makes for the best pergolas, seeing them complete a backyard space is another thing entirely. These are some of our favorite pergolas built all across the country. See if any of these catch your eye and spark your imagination:

Learn More about the Best Pergola Kits

Bringing one of these trending accessories to your deck, patio, or yard can be an absolute outdoor style showstopper. A pergola will project a beautiful look while bringing the entire space together. At Garbrella, we strive to build the best pergola kits on the market — we’d love to build one for you!

We understand that deciding on a dream-come-true pergola isn’t a decision to make lightly. While we do offer easy online shopping if you’re looking to buy, we’re also more than happy to talk about our pieces and your design. Plus, if you have any questions about our top-rated pergolas, we’re happy to answer them as well!

Reach out today to start the conversation!

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