Why the Posts of a Pergola are Important

Why the Posts of a Pergola are Important

Structural Posts

Do you want your pergola to crumble after a heavy storm just because the posts were not structurally built for the weight of a pergola? Look closely at the type of posts you are purchasing with your vinyl pergola. For many cheaper models there is no structural post and relying on a vinyl sleeve may not be sufficient for a large pergola top and canopy.

Vinyl sleeve post:

Many of the light, smaller pergolas only use the vinyl sleeve as the support post. This can be sufficient support for a smaller pergola in an area with very little or no snow. The thickness of the vinyl post sleeve plays a huge part in the stability of the pergola. Most pergola companies provide a small bracket that can be mounted onto either wood or concrete deck and then fastened to the vinyl sleeve.

Wood post inserts:

The most common is support post is a wood insert with properly formed spacers allowing the desired vinyl sleeve to fit snugly over the post. Wood supports can either be fastened with a mounting bracket or possibly fastened directly to the frame of a deck or buried 3′ in the ground or concrete. Since the vinyl sleeve protects the wooden post from many natural elements; this method can be an economical choice.

Steel Post Inserts:

Steel or aluminum post inserts is possibly the better choice when comparing stability and longevity. Steel is stronger than aluminum, but it is good to have a certified coating such as zinc or galvanized to prevent rust on a steel post. This type of post inserts work great in any location, but especially in an area with high winds or close to the beach. I have had numerous comments from homeowners with beachfront houses “I don’t want any wood because the moisture and salt causes the wood to rot”.

Since you already chose a quality vinyl pergola that won’t rot, why not choose a quality structural post?

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