Pergola Plans Compared: Tuscany & Garden Spot

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Any signature Garbrella pergola can be a gorgeous and upscale addition to your outdoor space. Whether you’re accessorizing your backyard or adorning your deck, one of our luxury vinyl pergolas can be the perfect outdoor feature you’re looking for. We offer two distinct (and equally gorgeous) pergola plans that you can choose from when finding your perfect piece.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we provide deluxe pergolas for sale all across the United States — from our home state of Pennsylvania all the way to Hawaii. In today’s blog, we’re comparing and contrasting our two beloved pergola plans: the Tuscany and the Garden Spot. Find the design that matches your outdoor space — and place your order!

What Separates Our Popular Pergola Styles?

Our two pergola styles, the Tuscany and the Garden Spot, both feature fine craftsmanship and an elegantly clean style. However, there are several key differences that separate both of these pergola lines:


Beam Profile

From an aesthetic standpoint, this is one of the primary differences between the two pergola styles. The more ornate Tuscany pergola features a double beam below the shaded roof, while the Garden Spot features a single beam. This is a small difference that makes a big style impact. Whether you’re sitting under the pergola or admiring it from a distance, you’re sure to notice the beam profile.



A technical but important difference, the Tuscany has an aluminum post mount attached to each beam and rafter to bear the weight — whereas the Garden Spot has a routed post to support the single beam and outside rafters. While both pergolas are tough enough to stand up to any normal wind conditions, between the two pergola styles, the Tuscany is the heavier duty option. This makes the Tuscany the best choice for high wind areas — like along beach fronts or at exposed spaces.


General Feel & Preferred Posts

While most people say that both pergola design plans qualify as fancy pergolas, many customers feel the Tuscany is more ornamental, while the Garden Spot has an elegant simplicity to it. This often guides the type of posts that go along with each plan. While you can always mix and match, the Garden Spot is often paired with simple straight posts — while the Tuscany is often completed with larger, fancy posts.


Price Point

The other need-to-know difference between our two pergola styles is the price. Both of these lines have options available at a variety of price tiers (depending on the size you choose). However, across the board, the Tuscany will be more expensive than our Garden Spot pergola design plan. In general, you can expect a Tuscany pergola to be between a third more to twice as much as the Garden Spot.

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What These Pergolas Have in Common: Quality & Options

While the main purpose of today’s blog is to compare and contrast the differences between the two Garbrella plans, there’s more that they have in common:

  • Unbeatable Maintenance-Free Quality — Every single Garbrella pergola is coated in ultra-durable vinyl coating that means you’ll never need to worry about repainting or re-staining your structure. In addition to being maintenance-free, our pergolas last 50+ years and are engineered against blistering and yellowing to look as good as the day you brought them home. Learn more about why we say we build the best pergola kits on the market!
  • Custom Options & Accessories — Homeowners often choose to accessorize their kit with our large catalog of Garbrella pergola accessories including ceiling fans, lighting, sunshades, and one of three vinyl colors. Both of our pergola plans can make use of all of these in-demand add-ons.
  • Ways to Use Them — Whether you want to attach the pergola to your home or leave it free-standing in your yard, either the Tuscany or the Garden Spot will work for you. It entirely depends on your space and how you plan to use the pergola in your design. See gorgeous outdoor living space ideas to inspire you!

Shop Our Pergola Plans or Talk to Our Team

Taken by the Tuscany or captivated by the Garden Spot? You can shop online and enjoy shipping all over the United States. Both of our pergola plans will be a perfect addition to your dream backyard space. However, if you still have questions about the difference in pergola styles or you want to discuss custom options, our designers are standing by to talk to you.

Reach out today to start the conversation and to design with us!

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