Garden Pergolas: Ideas & Must-Have Features

garden pergolas

Pergolas are such a standout outdoor accessory because they can truly enhance almost any space. While placing a pergola on a deck or patio is a tried-and-true tactic, bringing a pergola to your yard can yield amazing style and added usability! An exceptional centerpiece of your landscaping or yard, garden pergolas can turn an empty lawn into a luxury greenspace worthy of a magazine spread.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft custom attached and free-standing pergola kits that are trusted by homeowners all across the United States. Whether you buy a deck pergola or a garden pergola, we guarantee that you’ll love the style and the quality that lasts a lifetime. Learn more about using pergolas in a garden design — or place your order right now!

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5 Pergola Landscaping Ideas You Can Try

While an elegant pergola itself is beautiful enough to be the focal point of your yard, the right additions, accessories, and upgrades can make it a fully realized space. These are our 5 favorite pergola landscaping ideas that take your garden to the next level — and can make it an even better space for entertaining:

1. Add a Base of Pavers or Deck Boards pergola landscaping ideas

Build a strong base for your garden pergola to shine. Since the pergola often accompanies a formal seating space, many homeowners like to place a base material under the pergola to further set it apart from the rest of the yard. Both stone pavers and maintenance-free deck boards look absolutely fantastic and create the feel of a mid-yard oasis.

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This pergola landscaping idea puts greater focus on your center space by creating a boundary between it and the rest of the garden. One of the easiest and most-effective ways to do this is by spreading a layer of mulch or stone around the entire pergola seating area. Match the mulch color here to the rest of your garden for a great color balance!

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On their own, arbors are a timeless outdoor structure. However, they look even better when matched with a pergola. One of our favorite pergola landscaping ideas involves laying a path leading from your house to the garden, with one or more arbors adorning the path. Our vinyl arbors closely resemble our pergolas — and they look outstanding when paired together!

Shop Vinyl Arbors 4. Plant Some Greenery pergola landscaping idea with greenery

For many homeowners and outdoor designers, a garden pergola looks its best when accessorized with plants. You have ample ways to bring greenery to your pergola — some of the most popular choices include hanging baskets from the open roof, placing planters underneath, or even planting in the mulch barrier surrounding the space. This both adds a pop of color and highlights the garden-feel you’re working hard to create.

Buy This Model 5. Incorporate Lighting pergola in a garden design with lights

If your pergola sitting area is the go-to place to entertain friends at all hours, bringing light to the space is essential. When planning for a pergola in a garden design, we often recommend choosing a pergola with lights built right in! This upgrade intuitively takes care of how to light the mid-yard space, while ensuring you don’t need to clutter the area with extra lighting fixtures.

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Beauty Meets Practicality & Strength

While we’ve been told that the elegant looks of our vinyl pergolas create a great first impression, it’s the practical benefits that win over many of our customers. All of our pergolas are custom built-by skilled craftsmen out of premium lumber and vinyl, and they tend to outperform the competition. For example, you can count on a Garbrella garden pergola to last you a lifetime out in the elements — without ever needing maintenance.

Learn more about common pergola lifespan right here.

In addition, our pergolas are backed by a lifetime warranty to never blister, yellow, or peel. On top of that, we design every single one of our pergolas to be durable enough to withstand high winds without bending, breaking, or becoming damaged. This all means that you can feel 100% confident that the pergola you buy today will be there for life!

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We hope a few of these pergola landscaping ideas have you feeling inspired to get to work in your yard. If you’re ready to bring one of our garden pergola kits home, we make it easy. If you want to custom design your piece, simply reach out to our team, talk about custom ideas, and get a price to make it happen. However, if you’d like to buy one of our ever-popular pergola lines, you can do everything online and we’ll ship it right to you!

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