Pergolas with Lights

pergola with lights

Pergolas with lights are the backyard accessories that allow your daytime deck to double as a nighttime oasis. Sitting under the soothing light of your vinyl pergola can become a new favorite way to unwind after a long day or entertain guests on those late summer nights.

At Garbrella, we specialize in pergolas with LED lights that add a truly unique touch to your outdoor space. Whether you’re ready to buy or you’re still planning, we’re more than happy to be your resource for all things pergolas. Read our blog and learn all about the lighted pergola ideas that you can use to transform your backyard space.

7 Keys to a Successful Pergola Lighting Design

While some homeowners are satisfied to wrap strings of Christmas lights around the posts, built-in LED pergola lighting adds cleaner style and a more permanent feel.

mounted lights on pergola

There’s no question that a pergola is a luxury purchase — so you want to make sure yours is absolutely perfect. Here are the hallmarks of a great pergola with lights.


Variety in Light Mounting Locations 

Since we build truly custom pergolas, when you buy from Garbrella you can mount your pergola light fixtures anywhere you want. The location where you embed or mount the LED lights determines the unique lighting scheme your pergola will have.

The most common places to mount lights on a pergola are:

  • The posts
  • The beams (most popular)
  • The rafters

Vinyl Pergola Color to Complement Your LED Light 

Since our pergola lighting comes in a pure white LED, you’ll want to select a shade of vinyl pergola that looks best bathed in white light. Our most popular shades of pergolas to combine with lights are tan or clay.

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Subtle Wiring is Key

Since your pergola is a stylistic accessory to your backyard space, you want to keep its profile as clean and unobtrusive as possible. That’s why all of our pergolas with lights feature completely hidden wiring, contained inside the frame.

This maintains the elegance of your pergola by ensuring that all wiring remains out of sight. While wrapping string lights around your pergola looks OKAY from a distance, those dangling wires can undermine the graceful aesthetic inherent in the rest of your pergola.


The Right Spot for Your Lighted Pergola 

Another key to a successful lighted pergola design is placing the pergola  — and the lighted ambiance — in the right place. Invoking the pleasant glowing light is ideal for numerous places in an outdoor living design. To maximize the benefit of your pergola lights, you want to incorporate them into a lounge area, a central sitting area, or even your outdoor cooking station.

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Light Shape 

How custom can your lighted pergola be? You can even customize the shape of the light pattern cast by your pergola. Whether you want a more direct glow or a more ambient one, you decide based on your needs. We can design a lighting scheme to match your needs by arranging a wider spread or a downward shine.


Incorporate it with Your Deck Railing 

Another way to maximize the outdoor style of your pergola with lights is to visually pair it with your deck railing. Not only can you match the vinyl of your railing to your pergola, you can even match the lighting as well. Railing system lights are popular to form a full perimeter around your deck or porch — and they can be mirrored to your pergola for a seamless lighting scheme.

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Pergola Lighting for the Right Purpose 

A key to ensuring you adore your lighted pergola design is to use it for the right purposes. A pergola with lights isn’t meant to replace the spotlights on your deck, but instead to provide a cool and comfortable ambiance. For example, you’ll love sharing a late night conversation under the peaceful glow of your pergola — but you might be pretty frustrated if you try to use it as your late-night reading spot.

If you are looking to read on your deck at night, we recommend installing a ceiling fan with lights.

Pergola Kits for Sale Online

At Garbrella we are your online resource for vinyl pergolas with lights — and without. If you’re ready to place your order, we ship nationwide.

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Are you still planning your dream outdoor space? We can be a resource for that, too. Contact us to get your questions answered — and to request a sample pergola kit!

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