Freestanding vs Attached Pergolas: Find Your Style

Guide for comparing freestanding vs attached pergolas

Whether it’s attached to your house or accentuating the center of your yard, your new pergola is going to be fantastic. But before you can enjoy the style and shade, you need to make a big decision: do you want a free standing or attached pergola? To help make this choice easier, we’re breaking down the decision of freestanding vs attached pergolas right here!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re a pergola builder that ships our pergola kits nationwide. Since both options are fantastic, we build both! Given that this is the most important choice you need to make before getting started, we’re here to help you weigh the perks of both pergola types. See all about freestanding vs attached pergolas– and then place your order right here when you’re ready!

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Comparing Attached vs Detached Pergolas

Both of these pergola styles are great – and they’re both extremely popular for a wide range of spaces. Here’s what to consider when comparing an attached vs detached pergola:


Labor Clay colored vinyl pergola detached from home

All of our pergola kits are designed to accommodate DIY installation. Even if you aren’t an experienced outdoor craftsman, our kits are meant to be easy enough to build on your own, without hiring a contractor. However, while both types of pergolas are simple to build, freestanding pergola kits are even easier and less labor intensive to build. That is because an attached pergola needs to be attached to your home in several places – whereas a freestanding pergola only needs to be anchored to the ground. Expect to spend a few more hours building an attached pergola.

  • Advantage: Freestanding Pergolas


Price Attached pergola over backyard seating area

For homeowners on a budget, this can be one of the most important distinctions between attached vs detached pergolas. The prices of our pergola kits are largely set by the amount of material used to build them. Since an attached pergola has two less posts, it will cost noticeably less. While the specifics vary, on average, an attached pergola will cost 15% to 20% less. Bottom line: attached pergolas are the most affordable option you’ll find anywhere.

  • Advantage: Attached Pergola


Flexibility of Use Detached pergola on deck with outdoor kitchen

Dining spaces, sitting areas, and poolside retreats – pergolas can create a truly inspiring range of spaces! However, for maximum flexibility of use, you’ll want a freestanding pergola. Freestanding means you have the ability to place your pergola anywhere on your property, opening a wider range of style possibilities.  See more pergola placement possibilities right here!

  • Advantage: Freestanding Pergolas


Beauty & Strength Attached pergola on home with backyard patio

Beauty & Strength – The most important thing that holds consistent between the two types of pergolas is the commitment to quality. No matter which style of pergola you choose between a freestanding vs attached pergola, you’ll get the signature Garbrella quality. That means your pergola will look absolutely elegant both from a distance and up close, bringing unbelievable luxury to your space. And from a practical standpoint, your pergola will never require maintenance, but will last you a lifetime!

  • Advantage: Tie


More about Our Zero-Maintenance Pergolas  

When we say our pergolas will never need maintenance, we mean it. Unlike wooden pergolas that must be re-painted or re-stained every few years, vinyl never needs serious work like that. Vinyl is completely impervious to the rot and mold that mandates painting and staining wooden structures. On top of that, if you really want to clean your vinyl pergola, it will only ever need to be washed with soap and water to maintain its brand new appearance.

Roof of maintenance free white vinyl pergola on deck

Get even more information about our weatherproof pergolas!


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The best part about choosing between freestanding vs attached pergolas is that you get an amazing structure – whichever one you pick. While we make it easy to shop 100% online, our team is always standing by to help answer any questions or to give advice. For example, if you want to talk through your options, brainstorm where to build it on your property, or even ask about DY installation, our team is ready to help!

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