Pergola Placement Possibilities

pergola placement

The look of a pergola is distinct, from the elegantly slim posts to the decorative beams. All luxury pergolas bring a striking style that can accessorize almost any space you can envision. When it comes to pergola placement, you can build one in almost any part of your outdoor living space or yard!

Garbrella Pergolas are a line of top-quality vinyl pergolas that are sold as easy assemble kits nationwide. A pergola can be the perfect addition to a deck or patio — or it can be a fantastic accessory in your lawn or by the pool. Truly, there are tons of location options for your pergola. Keep reading to explore your pergola placement possibilities — and get inspired to build your own!

Attaching a Pergola Over a Deck

One of the most popular pergola placements, attaching a pergola over a deck enhances the look and its usability. An open deck benefits from the partial or full shade that a pergola provides, making the area more comfortable for entertaining. For extra style points, attaching a pergola over a deck can tie into a new deck railing for a unified look. From an installation standpoint, fastening the posts of a pergola into the wood, vinyl, or composite boards is easy. A simple power drill should be sufficient for attaching a pergola over a deck. Learn more about the benefits of installing a pergola yourself!

  • Attached or Free Standing: Both are Available
  • Ease of Install: Easy
  • Benefits: Much-Needed Shade, Ties into the Railings, Has a General Upscale Feel
  • Popular Uses: Sitting Spaces, Covered Dining Spaces

Installing a Pergola on Concrete (Pools or Patios)

There are few better color combinations than that of a white vinyl pergola and the tan-looking stone of concrete. This luxury look alone makes installing a pergola on concrete a great choice! Poolside pergolas add resort-worthy style accents close to your favorite outdoor feature — while also providing some sought-after shade. Pergola placement for a patio is similar to installing it on a deck in that you have the same attached and detached options. Even more than on a deck, a patio pergola provides a much-needed vertical visual element. When installing a pergola on concrete, you’ll need a heavier duty hammer drill to attach the fasteners to the concrete. If you have that piece of equipment, though, it is not much different from installing it on a deck.

  • Attached or Free Standing: Both are Available
  • Ease of Install: Moderate
  • Benefits: Resort Style Look, Much-Needed Shade, Provides a Vertical Element to a Flat Space
  • Popular Uses: Dining Spaces, Grill Accessories, Poolside Accents

Building a Pergola on Grass

This pergola placement is less popular than building it into a formal outdoor living space, but when done right, the effect can be tremendous. Placing a pergola in the middle of a greenspace can make an otherwise empty yard something of a focal point. We’ve seen homeowners build beautiful mid-yard retreats, complete with furniture and beautiful landscaping. While you might not expect it, building a pergola on grass tends to be more difficult than the other two pergola placements — however, it is still a great DIY option. When building a pergola on grass, you need to install concrete tubes in the ground and attach the pergola posts to them. If building a pergola on grass is something you’d like to try, our team can provide you additional information!

  • Attached or Free Standing: Free Standing Only
  • Ease of Install: Moderate to High
  • Benefits: Transforms Empty Space, Has a Unique and Gorgeous Look
  • Popular Uses: Mid-Yard Retreats

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