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A hot tub can be the star of your outdoor living space. Fun at parties and fantastic for relaxing after a long day, there are so many ways to enjoy one. Since it’s sure to see a ton of interest, it’s only natural that you want to decorate it.  We’re digging into hot tub pergolas – and why choosing a vinyl pergola is so essential!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft pergola kits that are loved all over the country. We’ve seen time and time again how an attractive vinyl pergola can turn a striking hot tub into a true style showstopper. A well-placed hot tub pergola creates a distinctly regal profile for the space. On top of that, you can add a sunshade to block the sun to make daytime soaks even more comfortable. Discover why vinyl is must-buy and see more accessories too!


Why Placing a Pergola over a Hot Tub Calls for Vinyl

At Garbrella Pergolas, we exclusively build pergolas covered in maintenance-free vinyl. While choosing vinyl is the best option for everyone, if you’re planning on placing a pergola over a hot tub, it’s essential. This is because vinyl can handle the water and humidity of a hot tub – whereas wood pergolas (the other popular material) simply can’t. Even when there’s not a hot tub present, wooden pergolas often succumb to rot and mold after a few seasons out in the elements. That’s why maintenance-free vinyl is absolutely a necessity for any hot tub pergola!

If you’re ready to start placing a pergola over your hot tub, we make it easy to shop right here. You can buy attached or free-standing pergolas and we will ship them right to you.

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The Best Additional Hot Tub Decorative Accessories

Accessorizing your hot tub is all about adding an extra luxury touch, all while enhancing the style of the space. These hot tub decorative accessories do exactly that: make your space more usable and more beautiful at the same time.

Hot Tub Side Bar

pool hot tub pergola

You’ve heard of a poolside bar – this is the same concept as that, just scaled down for a hot tub. Whether mobile or stationary, these attractive pieces of outdoor furniture sit to one side of the hot tub and are the perfect place to sit drinks, food, and anything else you need!


Lighting Options

Here’s an idea that is equal parts practical and stylistic. A complete lighting scheme allows you to enjoy the hot tub late into the evening, while ensuring you can see the area. Of course, the lighting placement also makes your outdoor space more beautiful. While lights attached to your house are always practical, built-in lighting is bigger than ever. Homeowners love lighting built into their deck or even their brand-new hot tub pergola!

Discover our beautiful pergolas with lights.


Towel Rack

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There’s no question that you need some type of place to keep clothes, towels, and other essentials. Spend a little more and opt for an all-in-one towel rack that looks attractive and can survive in the elements.



Placing a pergola over a hot tub

Decorating around a hot tub with plants is one of the most versatile aesthetic options you have. After all, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your hot tub, you should have something beautiful to look at! Whether you create attractive landscaping beds or you place hanging baskets (even on your pergola!), you can’t go wrong. One of our favorite ideas is to use tall planters that are slightly shorter than the hot tub height. That way, when the plants reach their full height, they’ll be at perfect eye level when you’re soaking in the tub.



hot tub decorative accessories

Another hot tub decorative accessory that we craft, arbors bring a very similar vinyl elegance to outdoor living spaces. Placing them as an accent near the hot tub has an aesthetic effect as the pergola – even if the structure is smaller. Plus, an arbor can be an ideal place to grow plants if you want to bring that idea to your outdoor living space.

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If you’re interested in bringing home one of our hot tub pergola kits, you can shop online – and we’ll ship it to you! Of course, if you have questions about how to build it or about placing a pergola over a hot tub, our team is standing by.

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