What is Outdoor Living?

what is outdoor living

Outdoor living is a trendy buzzword that’s been floating around all over Pinterest, HGTV, and everywhere else you get home style inspiration. Unlike some trends that are more sizzle than steak, this hot topic is an exciting way to approach making the most of your outdoor space. If you’re still wondering, “What is outdoor living?” we can help. Outdoor living is the design concept where you create an outdoor space that is meant for entertaining and spending considerable amounts of time. Essentially, you want your outdoor space to have the feel of a traditional living room — just outdoors.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we build a signature line of gorgeous vinyl pergolas that countless homeowners have used to complete their outdoor spaces. Not only are we answering the question, “What is outdoor living?” but we’re showcasing a few different outdoor living spaces — complete with our pergolas!

Outdoor Living Space Inspiration

Outdoor living spaces can be plain and simple or ornate with numerous luxury fixtures — or anything in between! What matters more than the individual style is the goal of creating an outdoor area meant for relaxation, comfort, and socialization. Check out some outdoor living space inspiration from real homeowners that trusted us for their pergola needs:

Outdoor Dining Space outdoor living space inspiration

Our first piece of outdoor living space inspiration puts the outdoor dining experience front and center. This outdoor living space puts the focus on the rustic dining table, accented by a pergola. When the weather is great, there’s no better place to enjoy a home grilled meal than this covered deck. A small secondary seating area provides even more space for getting together.

Get This Pergola Mid-Yard Retreat mid-yard retreat with pergola

If you have empty space in your yard that you’re looking to fill, this may be the perfect approach to pergola placement. This slightly formal space provides a fantastic place for a pair or a group to sit and socialize. This space utilizes a gorgeous low-maintenance deck, attractive outdoor furniture, and a free-standing pergola as a dramatic visual accent. Not only is the pergola central to the style of the retreat, but it also provides partial shade, as well as privacy, courtesy of the privacy curtains.

Get This Pergola Poolside Oasis poolside oasis with pergola

Some outdoor living space inspiration comes from wanting to bring the feel of an upscale resort to the backyard. This poolside oasis features a centerpiece inground pool, accessorized with a gorgeous poolside pergola, a gazebo, outdoor furniture, and attractive landscaping. While there’s no question this space is the homeowners’ go-to entertainment area, it also makes a beautiful aesthetic statement, too. In many ways, this space answers the question of, “What is outdoor living?” — an outdoor space where you’ll love spending time!

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We’re very appreciative that homeowners all over the country choose Garbrella pergolas when completing their outdoor living spaces. We hear there are a few key reasons that cause discerning homeowners to select our models above the rest.

  • Elegant Looks — Our fully vinyl pergolas have an elegantly simple look that makes them ideal for a wide variety of spaces. They look equally gorgeous up close as they do from a distance.
  • Ultra-Durable Performance — We back up the beauty of outdoor living space inspiration with decades of maintenance-free performance. Our vinyl pergolas are weather resistant and no maintenance, meaning you can enjoy a lifetime of use out of them without ever needing to worry about painting or staining.
  • Convenient Shopping Process — Finally, we make it easy to bring your pergola kit home. We offer nationwide shipping and easy online ordering. While you can always call our experts to discuss custom touches or to ask any question, you can also easily shop online and enjoy shipping anywhere in the USA!
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