What Should a Vinyl Pergola Cost?

vinyl pergola cost

If you’re shopping around for a pergola, chances are you have a few checkmarks you need it to fulfill. You expect durable construction and gorgeous style — all for a fair price. But what should a high-quality vinyl pergola cost? Good question.

At Garbrella, we’re a deluxe pergola builder who ships our products nationwide. Since vinyl pergolas are our specialty, we help customers recognize a good pergola kit price while helping them differentiate price tags that are WAY too high — or too good to be true. Read our blog to learn what a vinyl pergola should cost and the many downsides of buying a cheap pergola.

Fair Pergola Kit Prices Revealed

The main factors that determine what a vinyl pergola costs are whether it is free-standing or attached to your home, and the size of the structure. All of our attached pergola kits cost less than their free-standing counterparts. In addition, the color of the vinyl you choose can also have an impact on the final price tag.

We’ll break down fair pergola kit prices by the average size and type of pergola. Remember, though — the best way to find what your dream pergola costs is to shop our full list of pergolas online — or to contact us for a quote.

Small Free-Standing Pergola

small free-standing pergola cost Average Pergola Kit Price: $3,500

These small, free-standing pergolas are a favorite for homeowners looking to accessorize elaborate decks and patios. The different dimensions of the small pergolas make them a perfect option for a small sitting area or a stylistic accent.

See our 5 favorite ways to use a pergola.

Medium-Sized Free-Standing Pergola

medium sized free-standing pergola kit price Average Pergola Kit Price: $6,000

Medium sized free-standing pergolas prove to be a great option for seriously creative outdoor designs. These pergolas are the perfect size to cover a small deck or to function as a separate yard sitting area. These pergolas bring tons of versatility to your yard, which is what makes them so popular.

Large Free-Standing Pergola

large free-standing pergola cost Average Pergola Kit Price: $12,000

Our most expensive type of pergola, these larger showpieces make a huge impact whether they are used by homeowners or in commercial spaces. We’ve seen these grand structures put to use at a lakeside overlook and alongside gorgeous public pools.

Small Attached Pergola

small attached pergola kit price Average Pergola Kit Price: $3,000

Our most affordable pergola kit, these structures are a great option to bring style to your deck or patio. These pergolas can match almost any outdoor style — and the fair vinyl pergola cost means they work with almost any budget!

Medium-Sized Attached Pergola

medium-sized attached pergola cost Average Pergola Kit Price: $5,000

The attached style of this type of pergola makes it look and feel like a natural extension of your home. These attached pergolas are large enough to provide full coverage for small and medium-sized decks and patios.

Large Attached Pergola

large attached pergola kit price Average Pergola Kit Price: $11,000

These regal pergolas are designed to make a statement. Homeowners will often use this type and size of pergola to fully canopy a large outdoor living space. When combined with an optional screen, this pergola can fulfill the same function as a covered porch — just with the sleek style of a pergola.

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Beware of Too-Good-to-Be True Pergola Prices

At Garbrella, we pride ourselves on offering fair prices on all of our pergola kits. Since pergolas have become such a hot commodity in the world of outdoor living, cheap imitators have started popping up everywhere, from big box stores to hardware retailers.

However, a cheap and too-good-to-be-true pergola price can only mean one thing: poor quality. We’ve seen and replaced enough of these cheap pergolas to know that you get what you pay for.

At Garbrella, all of our pergolas are custom built to order by skilled craftsmen in our workshop. Compare that with how big box pergolas are built thousands-at-a-time in manufacturing plants. You’ll see the difference in the quality — while a Garbrella pergola will last a lifetime, a big box store’s pergola will struggle to last a few years, falling apart from rust, rot, and poor construction. Homeowners agree the higher upfront vinyl pergola cost is worth it for a lifetime of quality!

See What All of Our Vinyl Pergolas Cost & Shop Now

Your Garbrella pergola is guaranteed to provide you the style and the quality you expect at a fair price. Now that you know about what our vinyl pergolas cost, you’re ready to start shopping. Whether you’d like to buy online or start the conversation, we’re ready to build the pergola of your dreams.

Contact us for the perfect pergola!

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