Outdoor Dining Area Ideas

Design ideas for backyard eating areas

A dedicated outdoor dining space makes your home beautiful and makes the meals you eat outside all the more satisfying. Putting together your outdoor dining room is all about finding the right touches to complete the space. In this blog, we’re profiling the top outdoor dining area ideas you can try!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re a builder of pergola kits that bring dreams to life nationwide. Since our pieces are often used as part of backyard eating areas, we see tons of amazing examples. Here are a few leading outdoor dining area ideas for you to bring to your own backyard!


5 Backyard Eating Area Ideas You Can Try

Style, comfort, convenience, and more – the right backyard eating area ideas deliver all of this. Whether you’re building on a porch or a deck, you’ll want to try these ideas that stimulate each of the 5 senses:


outdoor dining area ideas

The foundation of any outdoor dining space is the furniture. At the bare minimum, a table and chairs are needed to complete the space. When shopping for your furniture, you want to choose a set that matches your décor. However, you also need to pick pieces that will last for years out in the elements. High-quality poly-furniture has both an upscale style and is built to survive in the elements without ever needing care or maintenance.



Backyard eating area ideas

A beautiful pergola can make a huge impact on the look of ANY outdoor living space. However, one of the most common uses of a pergola is to accent a dining area. Primarily this is accomplished by placing a large pergola over top of the dining table and seating area. This creates the feeling that your yard is an upscale outdoor restaurant! While on-center is the main placement for a pergola, consider adding the pergola above your grill or on the perimeter for another style.



Outdoor dining area lighting

Here’s a backyard eating area idea that allows you to enjoy your space well into the evening. Not only is lighting an advantage (you want to be able to see your guests enjoying your space, even at night!), but the illumination adds a pleasant quality to your space, too. The hottest trend in deck lighting right now is embedding it in other features. Built-in pergola lighting transforms your centerpiece pergola into a beautiful lighting fixture. Of course, embedded lighting in deck railings and deck boards also creates a distinct feel that homeowners love.


Water Feature

backyard eating area with pool

Many restaurants opt for the ambience of a fountain, and you can bring one to your own backyard as well. An attractive water feature is an eye-catching touch that you’ll enjoy looking at any time of day. The other benefit of this outdoor dining area idea is that you’ll get to enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water whenever you’re using your space.



Outdoor dining area with plants

Plants have a tremendous ability to bring beauty to almost any space. When placing them around your outdoor dining space, you have multiple great possibilities. Planters placed around the area can provide a pop of color and liveliness. Hanging baskets from your house or pergola also create a natural decoration as well. However you do it, you can’t go wrong with this trend!


What Makes Our Pergolas Different

At Garbrella, we strive to build pergola kits that both look and perform like nothing else. To that end, all of our pergola kits are assembled right here in the USA from top-tier materials.

Here’s what you can expect from your Garbrella pergola:

  • 50+ Year Lifespan – When you build a Garbrella pergola, you have a structure that you’ll enjoy for life. Unlike wooden and metal pergolas that fall apart after a few seasons outside, our vinyl structures last for decades upon decades.
  • Ultra-Sturdy – Our pergolas are designed to be durable enough to survive in almost any climate. Thanks to our high-quality pieces and extra reinforcements, our pergolas are even strong enough to be used on beachfront properties.
  • Low Maintenance – You never need to worry about having to paint, stain, or perform any type of serious maintenance on your vinyl pergola. The only work you ever need to put in is to clean it occasionally to ensure it looks its very best!

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