12×12 Pergolas & Other Popular Sizes

12x12 pergolas

Finding the right pergola for your space depends on the size more than any other factor. If your pergola is too big, it’ll overwhelm the entire space; however, if it’s too small, it may not make the exact impact you want! The good news? We can build your pergola in ANY size you need! 12×12 pergolas are a popular size for a variety of outdoor spaces — we’re highlighting them as well as several other popular dimensions!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft elite-quality vinyl pergola kits that homeowners all over the country love. Every single one of our pergolas is custom built when you order it, giving you full control over the size and intricate style features. Keep reading to see 12×12 pergolas and many other size options, and to place your order online today!

Popular Pergola Options

The pergola size for you depends entirely on your outdoor space and what you plan to do with it! Check out some real projects and the pergolas that bring them all together:

12×12 Pergola 12x12 pergola kit

This pergola provides fantastic coverage for an intimate, medium-sized seating area. A 12×12 pergola will be ideal for a few chairs and even a small table. This size pergola sees use equally in yards, on patios, and on decks. In this project, the pergola is the centerpiece of a gorgeous mid-yard sitting area!

8×12 Pergola

 8x12 pergola

A fairly compact design, an 8×12 pergola often serves as a great accent piece on a larger space. Consider using this pergola above a grill or as a design flair at the edge of a deck or patio. One of the reasons that pergolas have become such an in-demand outdoor living accessory is the way they bring a much-needed vertical visual dimension to flat spaces. An 8×12 pergola will deliver these advantages for an affordable price point!

12×16 Pergola

12x16 pergola

A 12×16 Pergola is truly an expansive structure that can absolutely dominate a space — in the best way possible! You can count on one of these pergolas to be able to provide total coverage to an entire deck — which can be essential if you’re using the pergola to bring shade to your space. This attached 12×16 pergola was used to take an already beautiful deck to a whole other level!

16×16 Pergola

16x16 pergola

Just like a 12×16 pergola, a 16×16 pergola makes a huge style statement. A pergola like this will often be used when creating a full outdoor dining room. The dimensions are large enough that the pergola can provide shade for both the outdoor kitchen and a full dining table. When looking to transform an already well-loved deck into a defined kitchen or BBQ area, this is one of the first accessories you want to bring home.

Custom Design Everything with Garbrella

While these may have been the most popular pergola sizes, they’re just the beginning. While we may build more 12×12 and 16×16 pergolas, we can absolutely build you a custom option to meet the exact dimensions of your space. You can customize a lot more than just the size when you work with us, though! We give you full control over everything from the pergola color to the post style, and even the beam profile. Plus, you have the ability to select from practical add-ons like built-in lighting, a ceiling fan, a sunshade, and much more.

Order your custom pergola kit right here!

Shop 12×12 Pergolas & More Right Now

Whether you want a 12×12 pergola, a 16×16 pergola, or any other dimensions you can think of, we can build it for you. Every Garbrella pergola comes backed with several guarantees to give you true-peace-of-mind about your purchase. All of our pieces are backed with a lifetime warranty for the beautiful vinyl exterior against blistering or yellowing. In addition, the sturdy construction ensures that our pieces are engineered to stand up to high winds without splintering or breaking apart!

If you’re ready to get started, buy online right here — or reach out to our team to discuss your custom work and questions!

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