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affordable pergolas

While most times the law of “you get what you pay for” rings true, it is possible to build your dream backyard space — complete with all the amazing accessories you want — without having to drain your vacation fund or take out a second mortgage on your home. While there may be some low-quality imitators you need to dodge, you can absolutely find a high-quality yet affordable pergola!

At Garbrella, pergolas are our signature item and we make it our mission to build the best pergolas on the market. While our quality can’t be matched, we still offer a few affordable pergolas to satisfy most budgets. Check out some of our favorite affordable pergola models — and learn our tips for spotting a well-built pergola.

3 Favorite, Inexpensive Pergolas

Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can find a high-quality yet inexpensive pergola that completely transforms your outdoor space.

These are 3 of our favorite inexpensive pergola models:

Attached Garden Spot Pergola

attached garden spot inexpensive pergola Starting at $1,889

Our inexpensive pergola with the best value coming in at under $2,000. Attaching a garden spot pergola to your home instantly transforms any deck or porch! This can be an excellent way to make your outdoor dining room a little more formal.

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Attached Tuscany Pergola

attached tuscany inexpensive pergola Starting at $2,028

This ornate style pergola provides a great value. Starting at just over $2,000 this pergola provides an elegant touch to your outdoor living space.

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Free Standing Garden Spot Pergola

free standing garden spot inexpensive pergola Starting at $2,308

This inexpensive pergola kit option allows you to bring style and shade anywhere in your yard. These pergolas make great covers for grills or a small, backyard seating area!

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All of these pergolas come with a lifetime warranty against fading, yellowing, blistering, or peeling. In addition, all of our products are also guaranteed to withstand hurricane wind-forces without cracking or bending.

This is just the beginning of our product lines. Explore all of your options for attached pergolas and free-standing pergolas.

Traits to Look For in Your Pergola

Buying the cheapest pergola on the market can make for a less than satisfying ownership experience. However, it is possible to shop for a budget-priced pergola that is still a quality product. Simply put, keep these key traits in mind while shopping and you can feel confident that you’re making a smart choice:

  1. Vinyl Material — If the inexpensive pergola you’re looking at is made of vinyl, that is a sign it might be a good long-term investment. While wooden pergolas are cheap, they need to be repainted or re-stained every year to prevent rot. Even still, wood won’t last nearly as long as a vinyl pergola. Consider this: every Garbrella pergola is built to last a lifetime.
  2. USA Built — Products built in the USA tend to be crafted to a far higher standard of quality. That generally translates to a longer lifespan and a sturdier frame. When you’re shopping, ask where it was built and you’ll learn a lot about how it was built.
  3. Sold by an Outdoor Specialist — Pergolas are enough of a national trend that you can buy them pretty much EVERYWHERE nowadays — including big box stores and hardware chains. However, you’re better skipping these options and shopping from an outdoor specialty store or right from the manufacturer. When you shop from a company that specializes in pergolas, you’re so much more likely to get a quality product.

    Learn more about why NOT to buy a pergola from a big box store.

Affordable Vinyl Pergolas for Sale

At Garbrella, we custom-craft and ship pergolas all across the country. In fact, we’re one of the nation’s leading pergola manufacturers. While we build many different sizes of custom pergolas, we also construct affordable pergolas that still boast our impeccable quality.

If you’re ready to make your purchase, we offer convenient online shopping and nationwide shipping. However, if you have a few questions or want help finding the perfect pergola for your outdoor space, we encourage you to give us a call or drop us a line. Our outdoor designers are ready to help you find the right affordable pergola for your style, budget, and outdoor space!

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