Vinyl vs Wood Pergolas: What is the Best Pergola Material?

wood vs vinyl pergola materials

It’s fair to say that a pergola is one of the best and most elegant ways to bring shade to your backyard. Their ultra-practical advantages and timeless aesthetic is something that the best pergola designs can bring to any outdoor environment!

When in the market for a kit, you’ll quickly find that there are two main pergola materials to evaluate. In today’s blog, we’ll explore vinyl vs wood pergolas, and which is better in terms of lifespan, price, style, and maintenance!

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Vinyl vs. Wood Pergola Breakdown/ Evaluation

A simple pergola goes a long way in transforming the look of your outdoor space. Whether it’s for covering an eating area, pool lounge, kitchen and bar, or garden, here is how you can determine what the best type of pergola is for you


best vinyl pergola materials

Pergolas of any type are an investment, and savvy spenders want to make sure they’re getting the MOST bang for their buck by doing their research on how long a pergola typically lasts! When comparing vinyl vs wood pergola lifespans, the competition isn’t even close. While wood pergolas can last anywhere from 5-10 years (depending on the level of care and maintenance that is executed), vinyl pergolas often last upwards of 15-25+ years with NO maintenance needed! The winner is clear in this vinyl vs wood pergola debate – vinyl takes home the gold!

Champion: Vinyl Pergolas



wood pergola and vinyl pergola comparison

Similar to other outdoor structures like fencing, gazebos, swing sets, and railings, there are significant price differences depending on the type of material you choose along with a number of other factors like size, style, retailer and more. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll often find that wood pergola materials are the most inexpensive while vinyl runs a bit more. If you’re looking for a budget-buy and aren’t concerned too much with the lifespan or maintenance, wood may be the best pergola material for you!

Champion: Wood Pergolas



vinyl vs wood pergola comparison

Modern homeowners tend to prefer the crisp lines and sleek look of a white vinyl pergola, whereas those inspired by rustic or more traditional designs appreciate the look wood pergolas provide. The best pergola design really comes down to personal preference.

Champion: Personal Preference



vinyl pergola material maintenance

You want a pergola to establish a gorgeous outdoor space, not another thing to add to your weekly cleaning list! The pergola material your structure is made of plays a vital role in the maintenance level it requires. If you’ve ever had a wooden fence or deck, you know that regular staining and cleaning are a standard part of the material’s character. However, vinyl pergolas, like the ones available from Garbrella, need 0 attention to remain as spotless as the day you built it. When comparing vinyl vs wood pergolas in terms of maintenance, vinyl is the clear winner!

Champion: Vinyl Pergolas


Finding or Designing the Best Pergola for Your Needs

Garbrella Pergolas keeps shopping for your pergola simple.

Before trying to find the best pergola kit online, take into consideration these 4 essential factors:

  • Space: Where will your pergola go and what kind of foundation will it be sitting on?
  • Shape: Though square and rectangular shapes often make up the best pergolas, they also can come in circular, triangular and other designs!
  • Roof: Determining if you prefer partial or total coverage will help answer the question of whether you want an exposed or covered roof.
  • Price: It’s no secret that budget plays a big role, if not the biggest role, in deciding what pergola materials and design you choose.

Our USA-Made vinyl pergolas are for sale at a range of prices, so you can find the shape, size and color you like at a fair price. At the time of writing, our base models start at around $1,350 whereas our best pergola designs average upwards of $9,500.

Learn more about how to find the pergola that’s right for you here – or contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to custom create your best pergola design today!


Shop Vinyl Pergola Materials at Garbrella Online

best pergolas made from vinyl

As Lancaster County’s leading Amish pergola builders, we’re proud to bring our small-town’s reputation of quality to homes across the country through beautiful and durable vinyl structures. The majority of our pergola materials, including the vinyl, are manufactured right here in PA, as well! So when you shop Garbrella Pergolas, you do more than support one company – you support an entire community of hardworking crafters who care about their work and their customers!

Whether you have a clear vision of the structure you’re looking for or you still need some help deciding between vinyl vs wood pergolas, our team is here for you.

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