Small Pergola Ideas & Designs

small pergola ideas

Big outdoor style can come in a small package. You don’t need to build a massive, sprawling pergola to enjoy the style and shade. See the small pergola ideas that you can achieve with one of these popular outdoor living structures.

At Garbrella, we build all types of vinyl pergolas, and we ship them nationwide, too. We know that designing a custom pergola for a small space — whether it’s a deck, patio, or backyard — has an extra set of challenges but can create a truly standout style. See some of our small pergola ideas that can transform any space!

Small Patio Pergola Ideas

Adding the shade and style of a pergola to a fairly small deck or patio can actually make the space feel larger and more usable. While your patio might not be big enough to build a massive covered porch, you can absolutely enjoy this luxurious outdoor living structure.

These are some of our favorite small patio pergola ideas:

Cover Your Outdoor Dining Area small patio pergola for outdoor dining area

You don’t need a huge-sized pergola to make a big stylistic impact. It’s all about positioning your pergola perfectly. By placing a pergola above your table and chairs, you transform it into a luxurious outdoor dining room. Notice how this specific pergola also adds an added vertical dimension to the open deck.

Highlight Your Grill small pergola above grilling station

One of the best qualities of a pergola is the ability to draw attention to an important part of your deck or patio. If you’re an avid grill master, that’s going to be your outdoor kitchen. Install a pergola above your grilling station to enhance the look of your deck — and to keep you shaded while you’re cooking. This is one of our absolute favorite small patio pergola ideas!

Decorate with Color and Shade small patio pergola with shade

Adding a pergola with a shade onto your patio or deck is a great way to make it simultaneously more beautiful and more practical. What’s even better is that this design idea works no matter how big or small your outdoor space is. See how the pop of color from this pergola with a shade makes the space stand out.

Have your own small patio pergola ideas? We’d love to hear them! Tell us how you want to design around your pergola — and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

Pergola Ideas for Small Backyards

With the right ideas and the right pergola, you can turn your yard into your own private garden getaway.

These are some of our favorite pergola ideas for small backyards:

Garden Retreat garden pergola idea for small backyard

One of the best ways to make the most of your yard is to incorporate your pergola in with your landscaping. Nestling your new outdoor structure alongside the greenery you’ve cultivated creates a relaxing and luxurious feeling space. See how nicely this tan pergola ties the space together. This is one of the most classic pergola ideas for a small yard.

Luxury Carport pergola carport for small backyard

When designing your dream backyard, originality is key. Building a carport at the end of your driveway is an excellent way to add a truly distinct touch to your outdoor space. While your car will enjoy the shade more than you will, the look you create in your yard will be all your own.

Yard Lounge Space pergola cabana in small backyard

You don’t need a pool to enjoy the atmosphere of hanging out in a cabana. You can turn the middle of your yard into an exclusive retreat with a pergola that comes with wrap around curtains. Not only can this solve all of your backyard privacy needs, but it can make an everyday afternoon feel just like vacation, too!

If you do have a pool, though, see more of our pool pergola ideas.

Shop Your Pergola Today

Do you want to make one of these small pergola ideas the best part of your backyard — or do you have your own creative way to use a pergola? Whatever your ideas and dreams, you’re in the right place. At Garbrella, we custom-build and ship our pergolas nationwide. Start shopping for your pergola — or contact us today to ask us any questions!

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