Pros & Cons of The Most Common Pergola Types

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Thinking about adding stylish shade to your outdoor space, but not sure which pergola type is right for you?

Between the material choices, color options, size selections and decoration opportunities, designing your pergola may feel like an overwhelming experience! Fortunately, Garbrella Pergolas is a USA-based manufacturer here to simplify the process and make ordering a beautiful vinyl pergola easy.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at not only the most common different types of pergolas, but also the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision for the style of your space. Stay tuned for pergola design inspiration – or shop our best-selling vinyl kits now!


Different Types of Pergola Materials

Like many outdoor shade structures, different types of pergolas come in different types of materials. A few of the most common include vinyl, wood or aluminum.



types of vinyl pergola materials

Out of all the different types of pergolas we’ll compare today, vinyl is your longest-lasting, lowest-maintenance and best-looking option. With an average lifespan of over 20 years, you can purchase with confidence knowing your timeless structure will stay sound for decades! Furthermore, vinyl pergola types are available in a range of colors from white to clay and even black – making it beautifully complementary for a large variety of different home exterior aesthetics!

But with such versatility comes a peaking price tag as this pergola material type is often more expensive than wood options.



wood pergola cons

As one of the oldest and most adored pergola material types, wood pergolas are ideal for creating a rustic, earthy vibe. Not only that, but wood is known for being an affordable alternative to vinyl. Plus, it can be stained in an endless assortment of colors!

On the downside, this pergola type is notorious for needing regular maintenance as well as rotting or warping within the first 10 years or so. If you are looking for an inexpensive and somewhat temporary type of pergola design, wood may be just fine for you!



different types of pergola materials

The last pergola material type is aluminum. While you may not have considered aluminum as a top contender for a shady backyard pergola design, it is very popular for homeowners wanting a modern aesthetic. Depending on if you get an aluminum pergola that is powder coated and high-quality, your structure may last you through a lifetime of both rain or shine.

Unfortunately, of all the different types of pergolas, this one is usually the most costly.


Different Pergola Styles: Popular Types of Pergola Designs

While there is no right or wrong decision for the type of pergola design you like best, free-standing and attached are the two most common styles in the 21st century. Let’s explore these popular types of pergola designs in greater detail:

different types of pergola styles

Free-standing Pergolas:  As one of the most popular types of pergola designs, free-standing structures are ideal for anyone wanting to shade a seating area, hot tub or outdoor kitchen. Because they don’t attach to your home, you have complete freedom over where you place your pergola!

Attached Pergolas: To save on costs, some homeowners choose to build an attached pergola that extends from the side of their home. Not only does this give you the option to still shade your patio furniture, but it also provides a bit more privacy as well.

Looking for some visual inspiration? Discover the gorgeous backyard spaces created using Garbrella’s vinyl pergolas by homeowners just like you! Or, check out our blog post about free-standing and attached pergola design ideas.


Explore Unique Pergola Types at Garbrella!

No matter what type of pergola design or material you are searching for, Garbrella has the perfect solution for your needs. We proudly craft all the most popular types of pergola styles in high-quality vinyl from Lancaster County, PA! For several years now, we’ve had the pleasure of helping homeowners across America achieve the backyard of their dreams through customizing pergola types – and we’d love to help you as well!

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