Find Your Favorite: Simple Pergolas vs. Complex Ones

simple pergolas

A pergola can be the finishing touch on your back patio or the standout accent that makes your backyard an entertaining destination. Just like there are many different ways you can use a pergola, there are a wide variety of ways you can design one as well. Whether you prefer elegantly simple pergolas or more ornate options with tons of custom touches, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft custom pergola kits that homeowners all over the United States (from New York to Hawaii!) love. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the traits of both tried-and-true simple pergolas and some of our most ornate options, too. Keep reading to find the pergola style and accessories you want and order right here!

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Traits of a Simple Pergola Kit

simple pergola kit

If you agree that there’s no need to mess with perfection, then a simple pergola kit can be the ideal accessory for you. These pergolas look fantastic above outdoor sitting areas, and they bring clean lines to open spaces like decks and patios.

  • Classic Open Sides with Lattice Top — While more modern pergola designs may stray from the basics, here you’ll find the classic pergola style. That means fully open sides and a lattice roof that provides partial shade. This classic style is always a safe bet with any type of outdoor space or décor.
  • Straight, Square Posts — The posts of a pergola play an important role in its construction as well as its style. Simple pergolas often look best with straight, square posts. Not only does this match the general no-frills theme of the design, but posts like this can also better match the design of vinyl porch and deck railings.
  • Single Vinyl Color — There’s something unbeatable about a clean vinyl color that looks great from a distance and up close. You can match the pergola color shade against a color of your home or outdoor space — or provide a contrasting color scheme instead. When building your custom kit, you can choose from attractive white, tan, and clay color options.
  • Garden Spot Model — We have two leading lines of pergola plans, the Garden Spot and the Tuscany. While both of these options provide customizable style, the Garden Spot is the more popular choice for a simple pergola kit as it has a less ornate beam profile and general feel!

Options with Ornate Pergolas

ornate pergolas

There’s no question that a pergola is meant to be a showstopper at the center of your outdoor living space. So, if you want to make it as fancy and detailed as possible, we absolutely understand that. Our ornate pergolas provide a more complex style as well as include accessories to enhance your enjoyment of the space.

  • Interesting Post Styles — While straight and square posts may be the default option for a simple pergola, you have more than one choice when opting for the ornamental. Our deluxe square posts with added pattern detail near the base and cap can also work well with an overall more detailed design.
  • Exciting Accessories — This element of ornate pergolas is just as much about making the space more usable as it is about improving the beauty of your pergola. One of the most popular additions is built-in pergola lighting that bathes your pergola in a warm glow. Of course, privacy screens that add partial walls to the design make a huge impact and even add a sense of seclusion, too.
  • Different Design Shapes — Your pergola kit should always be tailored to the space in which you plan to place it — but of course, some ornate pergolas make an impact with atypical shapes. While our simple pergola kits tend to be perfect squares, some designs come in rectangular or hexagonal shapes that make for a truly unique profile.
  • Tuscany Model — The double beam of the Tuscany model adds an extra feature to the profile of the piece and is the most popular choice for an ornamental pergola. Just like the Garden Spot, you can find the Tuscany model available in both free-standing and attached pergola options.

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Drawn to the classic looks of one of our simple pergolas — or do you prefer the added excitement of one of our more ornate options? Either way, you’ll find the pergola kit that matches your needs and sense of personal style with us! While you can shop 100% online for any of our standard pieces, if you want to design something custom, you’ll want to work directly with our team.

If you have questions or you’re ready to get started, contact us to start the conversation!

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