Luxury Garden Ideas

luxury garden ideas

You want your backyard to look like something envied off of Pinterest or from one of the more high-end HGTV shows. You envision your yard as the only destination for entertaining friends and your place of quiet contemplation — and these luxury garden ideas are your blueprint to make those things happen.

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8 Luxury Garden Design Essentials

You’ve always had a different and more deliberate taste. That holds true for your interior design and your outdoor living space. Each of these curated luxury garden designs has a place in the classic upscale garden. Explore our essentials, get inspiration, and start shopping right now:

1. Multiple Seating Areas luxury garden designs with multiple seating areas

A hallmark of the luxury garden, you’ll want to have multiple distinct spaces throughout your yard. Consider a formal eating area on your deck, a secluded seating area in the middle of the lawn, and a solitary reading nook under a tree. Creating distinct spaces with specific purposes makes for a multi-faceted design synonymous with luxury, AND it makes getting the most out of your space even easier.

2. Walking Path luxury garden ideas with walking path

Since flow or movement is key in crafting a layout, having a direct and marked path between your spaces is essential. Building that winding path in pavers or loose stones are two of the most common materials. We recommend accessorizing the pathway with one or more decorative arbors. High-quality vinyl arbors add a standout touch to the space.

Shop Our Vinyl Arbors 3. Water Feature luxury garden designs with water feature

Still or moving water has a pleasing effect on people — it puts them at ease. Whether you’re having guests or unwinding after a long day, water creates a certain indispensable ambiance. Whether you want to mount a fountain or dig a small pond, the effect is immediate. This luxury garden idea is a natural fit with your mid-yard seating area.

4. Pergola luxury garden ideas with pergola

Having a shade feature has always been a crucial part of luxury garden design. In recent years, pergolas have become the most popular shade structure by a huge margin. When equipped with a retractable sun shade, pergolas provide 100% sun coverage while also boasting the sleek look that has made pergolas so in-demand. A pergola can be used to accessorize any of the different spaces in your luxury garden, from your sitting area to the outdoor dining room.

Shop Our Vinyl Pergolas 5. Privacy luxury garden designs with privacy

Real privacy is essential for a true backyard oasis. If your nearest neighbors are barely visible to the naked eye, you don’t need to do anything to cultivate a private setting. However, if you have homes on either side of your own, you’ll want to do something about it. Building a dedicated privacy fence is the first step of many luxury garden designs.

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6. Outdoor Furniture luxury garden ideas with outdoor furniture

Building these exceptional yard spaces is all well and good, but you also need to give people a place to sit when they’re there. Having attractive and durable outdoor furniture is key to finishing your space. You want furniture that looks stylish yet will still be presentable after a few straight months out in the elements.

Shop Our Outdoor Furniture 7. Intentional Lighting Scheme luxury garden ideas with lighting scheme

A well-designed space can provide enjoyment at multiple times throughout the day. However, to make it just as inviting during the evening hours, you’ll need lighting. Building an intentional lighting scheme makes your space more usable. Some of the subtle ways we’ve seen lighting incorporated into luxury garden designs is by mounting them in handrails, on deck stairs, and even built-in to your pergola. See more pergolas with lights built in.

8. Unblemished Surfaces (Patio or Deck) luxury garden design with pvc deck

If a deck or hardscape plays a role in your garden design, make sure it looks clean and completely undamaged. That means no cracks in your patio or splintered wood on your deck. If you need to re-deck with high-quality PVC deck boards, GreenWay also offers that as well.

Quality Counts Here

At Garbrella, we only craft high-quality luxury products. While the vast majority of outdoor products you’ll find at a big box or hardware store were built on massive assembly lines, hundreds at a time, all of our products are custom-built. Our products are hand-built by our craftsmen, right in Lancaster County, PA. You’ll be able to tell the difference from the look, the quality, and how long your structure lasts.

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Bring Your Luxury Garden Ideas to Life

Hopefully these luxury garden ideas inspired you to take the first steps toward building your dream backyard space. With a unique vision and a careful design, you can absolutely have a truly standout space in your own backyard.

Consider us as your source for truly deluxe quality pergolas, arbors, and outdoor furniture. Everything we build and offer was built to a higher standard to provide years of style and performance. Feel free to order online — or reach out to discuss your custom pergola design!

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