7 DIY Deck Refresh Ideas

diy deck refresh

Tired of the same old, same old? We get it. Good news, though: you don’t need to build a new deck to turn your backyard from drab to fab. A DIY deck refresh can breathe new life into your deck — without eating into your vacation fund.

While tearing-down and starting from the ground up is how most people do it, a complete deck makeover allows you to have the dream deck you saw on HGTV minus the hassle of turning your backyard into a construction site! Discover our 7 DIY deck refresh ideas, inspiration, and outdoor living inventory!

Deck Makeover Ideas

These deck makeover ideas bring a new look and a distinct feel to your deck, and even provide other ways to enjoy your outdoor living space. Start planning now and you’ll have the perfect deck for this upcoming summer.

1. Outdoor Kitchens outdoor kitchen by pool

A great outdoor space is all about giving people something to enjoy together — and what do people enjoy more than food? One of the best deck makeover ideas we’ve seen is to add a deluxe outdoor kitchen station. A jumbo grill, a pizza oven, or a stovetop — you name it! If your dream kitchen involves concocting more drinks than food, then a bar area is probably in your best interest. Adding a premium outdoor kitchen also serves to add an element of character to break up the visual monotony of bigger decks.

More makeovers? Read our backyard makeover tips.

2. In-Style Area Rugs deck area rug

A simple yet effective way to give your deck the DIY refresh it needs is by adding color with an area rug. Nothing says outdoor chic like a modern, cool-colored outdoor rug that matches perfectly with your furniture. Dark colors, simple patterns, and hard lines are big in modern decorating right now — so keep your eye out for those. If you’re going for a more bohemian look, add a rug with lots of wild patterns, geometric shapes, and bold colors. No matter what your style may be, an area rug is a great finishing touch for any deck makeover.

3. Fire Features deck fire feature

Add a sense of coziness to your deck with an outdoor firepit or fireplace. This deck refresh accessory is the perfect excuse to invite all of your friends and family over, anytime of the year. From gravel and cinder block firepits to elaborate fireplaces, fire features can draw a crowd without you spending a ton of money! Bring the indoors outside and enjoy great conversation while creating new memories. An outdoor firepit or fireplace is sure to warm the hearts of your house guests!

4. New Outdoor Furniture poly outdoor furniture

New outdoor furniture is a crucial part of a DIY deck refresh. Not only does the furniture add a new splash of style and color to your deck, but it also allows you to create new seating arrangements. If your deck is in need of some comfy, durable seating, Poly Lawn furniture by Garbrella is the way to go. With 18 different colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find patio furniture that fits your deck’s overall theme. You can also add an outdoor dining set and have every meal under the clouds!

Shop Outdoor Furniture 5. New Deck Railings new deck railing

The best deck makeover ideas not only make your deck more attractive but they make your outdoor living space safer, too. Not only do old wooden deck railings stand out as stylistic eyesores, but they might not be strong enough to protect someone in the event of a fall. Replacing these worn-out railings with modern alternatives will give your deck the updated feel you want. Whether you choose a vinyl railing, aluminum railing, or even a sophisticated glass railing, it will be sure to wow your neighbors! If you’re searching high and low for your ideal deck railing, it’s time to broaden your horizons and check out Garbrella’s selection of railings.

Shop Railings 6. Hanging Plants flowers in hanging baskets

Hanging plants can add a pop of color to your outdoor area while creating a more inviting environment. If you choose more neutral colors for your furniture and area rug, plants are the perfect touch for making your deck more vibrant! Not sure of where to put these plants? Potted plants look gorgeous when they’re hanging from pergolas — it’s one of our most popular looks! No matter what you grow, plants are a lovely accent to any deck makeover.

7. Vinyl Pergolas wood colored vinyl pergola

Pergolas are the centerpiece of almost any deck refresh. You’ll love the way a pergola looks with your newly remodeled deck. From a visual standpoint, pergolas add a distinct character to your deck — all while creating a natural semi-shaded sitting area. If you’re searching for a pergola that will complement your deck’s new theme, check out Garbrella’s signature pergolas. From large pergolas to small, Garbrella’s vinyl pergola kits are sure to make your deck refresh stand out!

Shop Pergolas

Trust Garbrella for Top-of-the-Line Products

Your deck makeover will come to life with a top-of-the-line pergola — or any of our other standout outdoor living products! At Garbrella, we offer nationwide shipping for all of our unique vinyl pergolas. Our skilled Amish craftsmen create custom-built pergolas that will last you a lifetime. From choosing a color scheme to the final building process, the Garbrella team builds for you.

Start Your DIY Deck Refresh with a Free Pergola Sample Kit

At Garbrella, we offer free pergola sample kits to help our customers see the color and quality of our pergolas up close before they buy. Customers who do this are able to match the pergola colors with their home and see if it fits with their theme — and you’ll also get a better visual idea as to what it will look like in your backyard!

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