Backyard Makeover for Under $1,000

backyard makeover

You can have the gorgeous backyard makeover you’ve been dreaming of — without spending too much money. While sometimes it can feel like you can’t get the outdoor living space you want without re-mortgaging your house, we’ve got your back!

At Garbrella Pergolas, we’re all about helping you enjoy the backyard makeover you want, at a price you like. Check out our list of these AWESOME yet inexpensive backyard ideas you’ll want right away!

9 Inexpensive Backyard Ideas

Make your yard more beautiful, more relaxing, and more fun. Our backyard decorating ideas give you the freedom to turn your yard into anything you can envision. Get ready to be inspired by these inexpensive backyard makeover ideas!

1. Hammock backyard hammock

The simplest pleasures in life can come cheap. Few things are more relaxing than lounging on the hammock in your very own backyard. While traditional hammocks need to be spread between two trees, you can get stable and affordable hammocks with built-in stands.

2. Fire Pit outdoor fire pit

The main attraction for those late summer nights. Self-contained metal backyard fire pits are an affordable backyard accessory that you’ll use for years to come! Perfect for roasting marshmallows, these fire pits, on average, range from 30 inches to 42 inches.

3. Stationary Sun Umbrellas patio table with umbrella

We love backyard makeover ideas that make your yard prettier AND more usable. This outdoor accessory provides practical protection from the hot sun, as well as a vibrant splash of color. You can find a huge variety of big sun umbrellas, with a spectrum of different colors and a variety of different styles.

4. Eye-Catching Plants rose bush backyard feature

While your beds of flowers are a nice touch, they are hardly an exciting or noticeable backyard feature. Pardon the pun, but violets and mums are kind of… wallflowers. If you want to plant something that transforms your yard, make it big and make it bold. Grow something tall like bamboo which is excellent for backyard privacy or something unique like rose bushes.

5. Vinyl Arbors backyard vinyl arbor

This next backyard makeover idea pairs perfectly with your eye-catching plants! You can use a vinyl arbor as a mount for your blossoming backyard décor or it can stand all on its own as a gorgeous accessory. We build several styles of showpiece vinyl arbors.

Shop Our Arbors 6. Stone Garden Path stone garden pathway

Creating a garden pathway using either loose stones or large tiles is an inexpensive backyard idea, ideal for large spaces. Building a stone path not only breaks up the monotony of unused yard space, but can also place emphasis on other features, by winding through your arbor or leading to your hammock or fire pit.

7. Volleyball Net backyard volleyball net

Another accessory that maximizes the outdoor fun, a well-built volleyball net can be a permanent fixture in your yard. Try to find a volleyball net with adjustable height net to cross train in badminton as well.

8. New Outdoor Furniture new outdoor furniture

The key to a backyard makeover is creating more usable space and doing so while adding a personal stylistic touch. The right weatherproof backyard furniture is the cornerstone of your backyard sitting area or deck alcove. Plus, the very best vinyl furniture adds a colorful highlight to your backyard that can pull in to your overall outdoor décor.

Shop Our Outdoor Furniture 9. Vegetable Garden home grown vegetable garden

Growing your own veggies is a HUGE trend right now. After all, produce doesn’t get more local than your very own backyard. While a vegetable garden might not have the same eye-catching glamour as a row of rose bushes, your very own vegetable patch will be a great conversation and a worthy addition to this list of inexpensive outdoor ideas.

Custom Pergolas: Your Backyard Centerpiece

Playing a key role in so many stunning outdoor spaces, pergolas are a popular garden feature made of vertical pillars connected to a lattice roof. While the majority of our list of inexpensive outdoor ideas were for outdoor accessories, our pergolas are definitely backyard centerpieces. Whether attached to your house or detached, our gorgeous custom pergolas can re-define your sense of backyard style.

custom backyard pergola

Garbrella custom builds all of our pergolas and pergola kits to ensure quality to last for decades and a look that just can’t be replicated by the cheap hardware store knock-offs.

Shop Our Pergolas

We have shipped our custom pergolas all-across the country — even to Hawaii! See our full pergola project gallery.

Garbrella Pergolas for All of Your Backyard Accessories

Your backyard beginning can start with Garbrella. Whether you’re looking to buy an arbor, lawn furniture, or a custom pergola, you can’t go wrong with Garbrella.

All of our outdoor products are built by Amish craftsmen for unparalleled quality and a look you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we ship from our workshop in the heart of Amish Country all-across America. Contact us to start the conversation about transforming your backyard.

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