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How to Install a Pergola


How to Install a Pergola

Installing your pergola can be both exciting and sometimes a bit mind-stretching, but your qualms can be eliminated with a few tips or by contacting a professional pergola installer!

  1. Start by locating the general location of each post. Measure the required distance between each post. After you have the perimeter marked, square the pergola by measuring cross-corner. You can adjust the post placement, however be sure to maintain the required post to post spacing.

Tip: I recommend measuring center of post to center of post. This will eliminate any confusion in relation to the post size.

  1. If you are installing on a concrete patio or cemented pavers: this will be a breeze! Simply mark the proper location and skip on down to number 5.
  2. Installing on wooden deck is not difficult, but the crucial part is making sure the deck frame and footings are strong enough to support the weight of the pergola. If you are unsure, contact a local inspector or contractor to confirm the integrity of the wooden frame or footings.
  3. For a free-standing yard pergola: After locating the proper post location, dig holes that are 30-36” deep and about 16” in diameter. Place a Sonotube in each hole and fill the Sonotube with moistened Quikrete. Allow the concrete to properly dry which may take up to several days.
  4. Fasten the post mount using our provided wood or concrete lags. The lags will need to be pre-drilled with the provided bits.
  5. Level the post with leveling bolts and retighten all lags. You are now ready to sleeve the post with your desired size post sleeve and install the pergola top!

Installing and squaring the posts will probably be the hardest and most stressful part of installing your own pergola. So relax, your next step will probably be less exhausting!

Ray Yoder