Which Pergola is Right for You?

Which Pergola is Right for You?

While there are many benefits to both Tuscany and Garden Spot Pergolas, each has distinct characteristics that should be reviewed by buyers to ensure you get the one that’s perfect for you.

Here are some comparison points:

Garden Spot

Versatile and economical, the Garden Spot Pergola comes with the exact same warranty as the Tuscany. It is an excellent option for a tighter budget or a lighter appearance to match your house. Garden Spot uses a single 2 x 8 beam that slides through the routed post. The post brackets are mounted on concrete or a wood deck sleeved with 5” and 6’’ square vinyl post. The 2 x 6 rafters are mounted on top of the single beam with a mounting bracket. Each Garden Spot Pergola is customizable so you can make your dream become a reality for your house.


The Tuscany Pergola is the most durable pergola on the market. Each are available in 3 color options, 4 post styles, an array of shade options, attached to your house or free-standing, and they come with other customizable options all which can add aesthetic decorations to your home. The standard Tuscany model has double 2 x 8 beams and 2 x 6 rafters with aluminum inserts allowing a clear span distance of up to 18’. The vinyl posts are installed with an adjustable, structural, zinc-coated core with specially designed spacers and hardware. The zinc-coating is attached directly to the beams bearing the weight of the pergola making it one of the strongest post systems on the market.

So which pergola is right for you? Regardless of your choice, a Garbrella Pergola will provide decades of shady backyard enjoyment and relaxation. Contact us today or visit our online store for more information.

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