Easy Pergola Ideas You Can Try Anywhere

easy pergola ideas

Pergolas are an absolutely incredible piece of outdoor décor — which is why they’ve become one of the hottest design pieces of the last few years. There are very few homes, outdoor spaces, and yards that couldn’t look a little more beautiful with one of these elegant pieces attached. However, watching HGTV or looking at some magazines would lead you to believe that pergolas are only for mansions or very specific designs — which is 100% not true! Check out some easy pergola ideas that fit with almost ANY house!

At Garbrella, we build luxury pergola kits that homeowners across the country love. In addition to building the pieces that will be a fixture of your outdoor space for decades, we also help homeowners discover the style options and opportunities that fit their homes. Keep reading to see our favorite easy pergola ideas — and start shopping right here!

Where to Put a Pergola: 5 Favorite Uses

Finding the perfect spot for your dream-come-true pergola is easier than you’d think — and more exciting, too. Across your home and outdoor spaces, there are numerous effective opportunities to upgrade with this in-demand feature. These are 5 great options for where to put a pergola:

1. Attached to Your House where to put a pergola

If you’re wondering where to put a pergola, this is one of the best and most popular options. Having an attached pergola extend from your home across a porch or patio serves two purposes. From a visual standpoint, it ties the look of the pergola into that of your home. Practically, it makes for a great shaded sitting area.

2. Dress up Your Empty Yard Space easy pergola idea for yard

This is an easy pergola idea to bring home since almost everyone has a patch of empty yard that they wish contributed to their outdoor aesthetic. Whether you place the pergola directly on the grass or put down stone or decking, this upgrade creates a seating area out of a previously open space.

3. At the Corner Edge of Your Deck or Patio where to put a pergola on patio

Using a free-standing pergola, you can bring a clear definition to your deck or patio. Simply place the piece in the corner edge of your backyard. This creates a defined sense of where the space ends — and makes your space even more attractive.

4. Decorate Your Driveway pergola for car parking

Here’s a unique, but easy way to accomplish answering the question, “Where to put a pergola?” With an elegant free-standing pergola you can transform a driveway into a luxury carport. Simply make sure your pergola is sized wide enough to be able to stretch across the entire parking section of your driveway.

5. Above Your Grill or Cooking Space outdoor kitchen pergola

Here’s an easy pergola idea that barbecue masters love — because it puts the grill on center stage where it belongs. If you have a stationary grill (or you simply keep it in one place), this can be a standout place to add the coverage and style of a pergola. Depending on where this cooking space is, you can make an attached or free-standing pergola work nicely.

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Designing with an Easy DIY Arbor

easy diy arbor

Another accessory to add exceptional elegance to your outdoor space, an arbor can be just as versatile as a pergola. We also build gorgeous and easy DIY arbors, and we ship them all over the country. These are some of the most common ways to incorporate an arbor into your yard:

  • Over a Path — If you have a path in your yard (leading from one part to another), decorate it with one or more of our easy DIY arbors.
  • In a Fence Line — When building a new fence, you can incorporate an arbor to create a unique flair and add an entry way through your fence. Shop from our sister company GreenWay to buy all of your deluxe fencing supplies.
  • On a Patio Perimeter — Just like with a pergola, you can place an arbor along the edge of your formal space. This creates a sense of perimeter and also looks like an entryway.
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Your home and yard will look exceptional when accompanied by a show-stopping pergola. We hope that one or more of our easy pergola ideas kickstarted your imagination and convinced you to get started! We offer full online shopping and nationwide shipping to make it simple to get the pergola you want. However, if you’d like to discuss your designs and options with an expert, feel free to reach out right now!

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