Pergola Canopies

Pergola Canopies

The onset of the spring and summer months makes us all want to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. However, as we all know, that sunshine can sometimes be more than we can handle. Pergolas with a canopy offer a shaded place for you to relax and soak up some outdoors.

Like any addition, a pergola canopy adds character and value to your home’s exterior. Some pergolas are at the side of a pool; others added to a porch or deck. Free standing units allow you the freedom to relax in the middle of your garden or overlook a Koi pond. There are even pergolas used as a carport.

One of the greatest things about a pergola is that it offers a very nice place to have company over. Sitting in the pergola, you have the benefit of the fresh outdoors and control over how much sunlight you want to let in. This gives you the best of both worlds.

ShadeFX and EZ Shade Canopies

Garbrella Pergolas is an authorized dealer of ShadeFX and EZ Shade canopies. We offer retractable canopies and pergola side curtains as well. Pergola retractable canopies are easy to maintain and unassembled for winter use. You can also add a little character to your pergola with pergola curtains. These provide privacy and keep the sun under control.

If you are looking for a pergola canopy, you want quality among other things. When you are ready to buy a pergola canopy or curtains, we offer several different color and fabric options to choose from.

What If You Don’t Have a Pergola Yet?

Our pergolas are constructed with premium grade vinyl and all hardware is suited for outdoor use. All you need to decide is whether the pergola will be attached, free standing, or custom made. The main difference is that attached pergolas become a permanent part of the home’s exterior. Free standing pergolas may be taken down and moved if that is desired.

In any event, our pergolas and canopies add looks, character, value, and enhanced enjoyment to your home’s outdoor living space. Imagine what your friends and neighbors will say when they see it! Be the envy of the neighborhood.

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