Attached Pergola Kits

Garbrella Pergolas carries two attached pergola models, the Tuscany pergola and the Garden Spot pergola. Both models extend from your home, patio, deck, terrace, or pool. Attached pergolas are permanent architectural features that add elegance and value to your outdoor space. You can also dress up your new, vinyl pergola with plants. Pergolas are the perfect structure for climbing plants to grow on. What are you waiting for? Start adding beauty to your home now!
  • Permanent architectural feature
  • Add elegance and value to your outdoor space
  • The perfect structure for climbing plants to grow on
  • Now available in wood grain texture
  • New Poly Furniture available
Attached Pergolas Lancaster PA

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Attached Garden Spot Pergola Kits

Garden Spot pergola kits are a smart choice if you want to purchase a quality attached pergola and be economical at the same time. They are built with single 2"x 8" beams, 2”x 8” ledger board, 2"x 6" rafters, and 7/8"x 3" shade slats spaced 6" on center. This is a great option for someone who likes the delicate look of a single beam pergola.

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