NEW Backyard Living Design Ideas Trending in 2023

trending backyard living ideas for 2023

Does your backyard’s aesthetic feel a little “been there, done that”? If you’re looking for ideas to breathe new life into your outdoor refresh, you’re in the right place!

Transform your outdoor space from average to AMAZING with these 5 innovative backyard living ideas from Garbrella!

Keep reading to uncover the gorgeous backyard living space ideas that are on trend for the year ahead. Or, shop gorgeous vinyl outdoor structures for sale online now!

5 Backyard Living Ideas & Designs

Whether you have an abundance of acres or a humbly sized abode, there is no shortage of stylish ideas for transforming your outdoor space this season! These backyard living design ideas for 2023 carry an ambience of serenity – while also finding the perfect blend of both form and function.

If you’re searching for backyard living design ideas that are on-trend AND on-budget, look no further…

Personal Spas

pergola and hot tub in backyard living space

 Living in luxury is something we could all use a little more of in 2023 – that’s why outdoor jacuzzies rank at the top of our backyard living ideas list! As one of the few backyard living spaces you’ll be able to use all year long, a hot tub and hot tub privacy structure is a great start when updating your al fresco vibe. For extra seclusion and protection from the elements, try adding a hot tub pergola or pavilion with a privacy wall!

Let it Grow

backyard living design with pergola

Whether it is flowers, food, or foliage, growing your own garden is a beautiful trend blooming in 2023! Not only does this idea give you a backyard living space that can reap a bountiful harvest, but it is also a naturally gorgeous way to add visual appeal to your yard. For a truly decorative touch, consider completing your garden with a vinyl pergola, arbor, or fence to keep out small animals or young children!

Outdoor Living Rooms

outdoor living room backyard living

While outdoor living rooms aren’t a new idea, they are a backyard living design trend we can expect to see in the year ahead. If you want to spend as many hours outdoors as possible this summer, creating a comfortable backyard seating area is the ultimate solution! Adding rugs, all-season furniture, and a shade structure all help achieve an inviting backyard living space.

Accessorize with Arbors

vinyl arbor for backyard living ideas

They say that history repeats itself, and that couldn’t be more true for this next backyard living idea! Decorative arbors are a classic look we’re glad to see recirculating into today’s modern era. This low maintenance, stylish addition upgrades any standard hardscape or walkway into a space built for royalty. While there are dozens of unique options, here is where you can find a few of our favorite affordable vinyl arbors for sale!

Al Fresco Kitchen

kitchen design for backyard cooking

Al Fresco Kitchen– What backyard living design idea encompasses community, healthy eating AND hobbyists all in one? An outdoor chef’s kitchen! Enjoy additional storage space, a dedicated grill area, and so much more with a well-designed outdoor kitchen.

Ultimate Backyard Living Space Checklist

For homeowners looking to create a customized backyard living experience, it’s a great idea to start by making a list of features your ultimate outdoor space would include!

A few of those features may include:

  • Low-maintenance or maintenance-free materials
  • Greenery, flowers and/or a natural landscape
  • Total or partially shaded areas (umbrella, pergola, pavilion, etc.)
  • Comfortable seating or dining area
  • A fun factor: swimming pool, hot tub, swingset, etc.
  • Show stopping water or fire feature
  • Decorative ground effect like a deck, patio or hardscape

Of course, this is just an idea to inspire all that is possible with your own backyard living space! Customize your wish-list to personalize your potential design, and contact Garbrella Pergolas for locally crafted outdoor structures!

Have any of these backyard living space ideas struck inspiration? See more DIY outdoor living ideas here – or shop decorative outdoor structures now!

Bring Your Backyard Living Design Ideas to Life – with Garbrella!

Vinyl pergolas for backyard renovation

If you’re looking for ways to take your backyard living design to the next level, look no further than Garbrella. We specialize in helping homeowners create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that they can enjoy for years to come through top-quality vinyl structures!

Whether you’re interested in adding a shaded seating area, outdoor kitchen, or arbor to your backyard, we can help you bring your vision to life. Our team of expert craftsmen works hard to customize designs and products to fit your needs and budget!

Let 2023 be the year you finally bring the backyard living design idea to life – contact Garbrella Pergolas today for a custom quote!

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