7 Pergola Décor Ideas for a Unique Resort Feel

decorations for pergola

Think you need an all-inclusive to get refreshed by that resort feel? You may just need some new pergola décor ideas!  With a little creativity and the right pergola decorations, you can transform the look of any pergola – no matter it’s age or condition.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing 7 genius pergola décor ideas and tips to upgrade your standard outdoor space into a trendy backyard oasis. From Mediterranean-inspired styles to classic-modern touches, we’re sharing our expert’s secrets on lighting, shade, decorations, and more!

Discover 7 unique ways to decorate a pergola – or shop Garbrella’s best-selling models now!


Top Patio Pergola Decorating Ideas

Finding the perfect pergola decorations for your space has never been easier! Whether you’re looking to entertain guests or simply relax in the privacy of your backyard, we’ve got some great pergola decorating ideas for you. See 7 new ways to decorate a pergola now!

Elegant Overhead Canopy

No matter how you plan on using your pergola, a covered canopy is the stylish way to add functional shade to your space! With hundreds of colors, materials, patterns, and sizes available, this is one pergola decorating idea you can really express your personal style with.


Luxorious Lighting

The key to a pergola’s evening ambiance? The perfect lighting. Decorating your pergola with luxurious lighting, whether its mounted, hanging, or domed, is an affordable way to elevate your backyard. At Garbrella Pergolas, we offer low voltage lighting systems with a remote dimmer switch and programmable timer so you can have full control at any time of day (or night). Learn more about pergola lighting design here.


Flowy Privacy Curtains

decorations for pergola

When met with a gentle breeze, pergola curtains transform into a beachy paradise right outside your door. For this pergola decorating idea, we recommend lightweight, neutral-toned curtains if you want a true island feel.


Cushioned Furniture

Brighten your backyard with this comfy pergola décor idea! Use outdoor seating like sofas, loungers, and egg chairs to mix and match your favorite colors and styles. Both you and your guests will love the cozy vibes cushioned pergola décor creates!


Grow Green

decorating a pergola with plants

When it comes to affordable ways to decorate a pergola, there’s nothing better than plants! Hanging baskets and floor planters is a charming pergola décor idea that helps create gorgeous privacy while also adding a pop of natural color. The best thing about this pergola decorating idea is that you can find beautiful flowers easily at any local landscaping store!


Landscaping Design

The right scenery brings serenity – make your lovely pergola the star of your show in a new landscape design! While this pergola decorating idea is a bit more involved, it is definitely worth the investment. Think paver patios, water features, fire pits, and more!


Up Your Grill Game

Professional grills aren’t just for good eats, they can also be for good looks! Kill two birds with one stone when you decorate your pergola by upgrading your old grill or smoker to an attractive new one.


Looking for More Ways to Decorate a Pergola?

While we just shared 7 unique ways to decorate a pergola, this is just scratching the surface for all the wonderful pergola décor ideas there are! If you’re still searching for the perfect way to decorate a pergola, check out our backyard oasis blog for endless ideas on:

If you’d prefer to have personalized support for pergola décor ideas, know that the team at Garbrella is happy to assist you. Our creative team of designers bring years of experience when suggesting ways to decorate a pergola! Reach our team via phone or contact us today online.


Explore Pergola Décor Ideas from Garbrella!

If your pergola is rotting, out of style, or is over 10 years old, there may not be much a simple makeover can fix – it may be time for a brand new one! At Garbrella Pergolas, we craft only the finest vinyl pergolas built made-to-order or standard model. A few of our best-selling models are:

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