7 DIY Backyard Makeovers to Try in 2023

vinyl pergola with attached railings on backyard deck with outdoor furniture and greenery

Have you been planning a DIY backyard makeover for a while, but aren’t sure where to begin?

At Garbella Pergolas, we know exactly what it takes to spruce up your backyard for the ultimate outdoor living experience. From designing and building beautiful pergolas to creating stunning landscapes, our team of professionals can help you turn your backyard into a true oasis with a stunning DIY backyard design!

Take your property to the next level with any of these 7 easy DIY backyard makeover ideas from the outdoor living experts. Keep reading to learn more – or, contact our team now for personalized assistance in choosing the right design for you!


7 Easy DIY Backyard Ideas for all Budgets

1. Add a Pergola

Attached vinyl backyard pergola with canopy and backyard furniture

For many homeowners, a DIY backyard makeover begins by adding a pergola to their space. Pergolas create an attractive focal point, help define an outdoor space and add welcome shade on hot, sunny days.

Pergolas come in many shapes and sizes, so even if you think your backyard is too small for a pergola, you’ll be surprised at the options you have. Check out The Pergola Size Guide for more details.

Plus, building your own pergola is easy with convenient pergola kits that contain everything you need. Garbrella offers both attached and free-standing pergola kits, as well as custom options that beat the big box stores hands down.

2. Add a Stone Pathway

A stone pathway pictured with green grass and florals makes a great DIY makeover option.

Creating a stone pathway is one of our favorite easy DIY backyard ideas. In fact, a simple pathway can also be a very budget-friendly option, especially if you already have flat stones or pavers leftover from other projects.

Add an attractive path to your patio, around the garden, or anywhere that could use a bit of design flair. As a DIY backyard makeover project, it’s easy to do, but does require some heavy lifting and digging.

For the best results, choose stones or pavers that go well with the rest of your outdoor decor. To light up the stone pathway at night, consider adding lanterns or solar lighting.

3. Build Raised Garden Beds

raised garden bed shown in a backyard makeover project

Another popular and easy DIY backyard idea is adding raised garden beds to your backyard space. Whether you love flowers or vegetables, adding above ground beds makes tending plants much easier and more convenient.

Pulling off this DIY backyard makeover takes just a few hours and some pressure treated lumber or cedar wood.

Garden bed kits are also available from local big box stores, but these can be pricey compared to building the beds on your own.

4. Add an Arbor

vinyl arched arbor show in backyard with attached vinyl fencing

Whether used by themselves or covered in climbing vines or florals, arbors can bring a touch of elegance and style to any backyard space, making it a popular and easy DIY backyard idea. Arbors are an elegant way to define a garden entrance, enhance a fenced area, or create vertical interest just about anywhere.

Garbrella makes this DIY backyard makeover project easy with their complete vinyl arbor kits. Choose from several arbor styles from simple arches to more complex lattice designs.

5. Add or Upgrade Porch Railings

backyard design with maintenance free vinyl railing

Turn an ordinary patio or deck into an eye-catching space with porch or deck railings. It’s easier than you think to add beauty and sophistication for a truly polished look.

Available in vinyl or aluminum options, modern porch and deck railings are virtually maintenance free, resist UV exposure, provide fire resistance and are smooth to the touch so they’re easy on your hands.

Plus, you can install your vinyl or aluminum railings yourself using easy DIY railing kits from Garbrella.

6. Add a Water Feature

Backyard fountain in backyard design project surrounded by greenery and flowers

The sound of trickling water can turn an ordinary backyard space into an oasis for relaxation. Water features come in all shapes and sizes from simple patio fountains made from flowerpots to more complex stone waterfalls or Koi ponds. Many water features are simple to build with just a submersible pump you’ll find at most hardware stores. Maybe that’s why they are one of the best easy DIY backyard ideas on our list!

When choosing a water feature take into consideration the space where you’ll use it, along with your budget. You may want to incorporate plants, flowers, or other backyard elements to tie the water feature in with the rest of your landscaping.

7. Build or Buy Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor table and chairs set with matching deck chairs shown on outdoor deck

Want to give your outdoor space an instant DIY backyard makeover? Add outdoor furniture! From simple table and chair sets to furniture that rivals your living room sofa, you’ll find plenty of stunning options.

For best results, consider how you’ll use your outdoor space before adding furniture. Table and chair sets are great for dining alfresco, while lounge chairs or loveseats create cozy spaces to relax or socialize.

Outdoor furniture is also a great DIY backyard design idea since you can build it out of items you may already have on hand.


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Ready to get started on your next outdoor project? Garbrella is here to help with your next DIY backyard makeover with a great selection of low-maintenance, top-quality outdoor living options including pergolas, arbors, and porch or deck railings.

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